Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Last Day of 2005

Today is the very last day of 2005! As we close of this year we remember all of Corbin's wonderful accomplishments of this year. We are grateful for God's ever loving care of our family.

We also remember our friends who are in the same struggle as us. That are just going day by day and grateful just to wake up and be able to have one more day. Trying to forget that their is more surgery, further hospitalizations looming in the new year. We remember our friends who are still sitting in the chairs in the hospital just watching their child struggle to continue to live. We remember our friends that no longer have their children with them here on earth. We remember all of you who have stood beside us and prayed for our son's recovery and milestones. We remember and thank God that we remember it all. We pray we never forget so we can always live like we remember and treat each day like it is our last and live it for Him!


Monday, December 26, 2005

December 26, 2005

We are all doing very well. We had a wonderful Christmas with the family. It was great to see everyone ripping open presents. The boys told us about the very first Christmas. Then GrandPenny and Poppy came over. So we had round two with Christmas. Then after they left we had GrandPap and Grandma Sue over for dinner for round three. It was lots of fun.

Our relatives all could not get over what a wild little boy Corbin has turned into. He climbs onto anything he can make into a stool. He flips over my laundry baskets (laundry and all) and then proceeds to climb right on. He really loves to climb over the ottoman in the family room then fall into the chair so that he bounces on his face into the pillows. He has learned that my kitchen chair is also a small step ladder. He is always lifting the lid and climbing up onto it. We may have to remove it from the kitchen. He also has a fascination with my spice drawer. He loves getting into the spices and we have the proof of it too. A lovely picture of him white from head to toe of cornstarch! The crazy kid took it out and poured it all over himself before I could stop him. Then proceeded to try and eat it! He has no evidence of his oral aversion from one year ago! GrandPenny had the privilege of chasing Corbin, Christmas eve night at our church service. He was running all around and if you don't keep up with him for his oxygen he just rips it right out of his nose and keeps going! Nothing stops this little stinker. She redirected him from the stairs, the flowers, the signs and tried to keep his oxygen in too. I think she needed to rest after her hour of nonstop activity with Corbin! If anyone needs some additional exercise we know of a new weight loss program. Place a 20 lb oxygen tank on your back and keep up with a very active 18 month old at all times without knocking him unconscious as you bend up and down from the tank swinging around!

Corbin and boys are enjoying a relaxing week with Daddy. We received the unexpected surprise that he has this week off. All the time Travis took off for Corbin's doctor and hospital stays this year was never counted against him in sick or vacation time. The company (United Rentals) was really amazing and we are ever so grateful. So Travis has to use up some of his vacation time before the new year!

Have a great new year and God Bless.

We posted new video of wild man Corbin doing his new stunts!
Terri and Family

December 22, 2005
Merry Christmas to our Dedicated Followers,

I pray that this Christmas we all take the time to remember the true reason we celebrate, for the amazing gift God sent us, His son, who lived and died for us!

"But when he had considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, 'Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.' Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet: 'BEHOLD, THE VIRGIN SHALL BE WITH CHILD AND SHALL BEAR A SON, AND THEY SHALL CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL,' which translated means, 'GOD WITH US.'" (Matthew 1:20-23)

This week we have had physical therapy, our pediatrician appointment, and our first appointment with speech. Corbin is doing very well. He has gained weight. We are over 20 pounds, finally. We had his second synargis shot to protect from RSV today. I really dislike having to put him through that shot. He always ends up throwing up and scaring the Doctor and Nurse. He stops breathing and he then begins to throw up and gets very very purple. The nurses alternate who has to be the one that has to give it to him. I feel bad for them as well.

We spoke to the Doctor about Corbin's new habit of drinking a bottle all night long to sleep, waking up so many times we lose count of how many times we have gotten up with him. We have tried the cry it out routine but that just ends up us changing many sheets due to him vomiting so much and him getting sweaty and shaky. Not sure at what point that becomes dangerous with his heart condition so we have decided to not even try anymore.

Corbin is making great strides in his physical therapy. He is now climbing up onto small steps and walking all over the place. His new speech therapist is very good. She herself had a daughter with hypoplastic left lung and a g tube. So she was very familiar with all of Corbin's complications. One of her first observations on Corbin is that his saturations drop while he eats his bottle. He needs more oxygen while eating so he can drink better. He works so hard on swallowing and sucking he still hasn't mastered the breathing part. We have also brought him back to the haberman feeder since he can only do an ounce at a time with the bottle. We will also be working on getting him to accept a cup with milk instead of a bottle. She is beginning to work on his speech as well. Our goal is to get him to begin to imitate sounds of babbling. Not sure I am ready for another person in the house that can speak. Corbin can make sounds, but he just has not made words or actively ever tried. He has shown no interest, but he does understand well. So we know that he is very capable of speech.

Travis is having a minor surgical procedure tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers. Corbin has been the healthiest one in our family as our other three have caught and passed on colds. It is by your prayers he has been so healthy. Thank you.

Our next appointment is not until January 11th with GI. Then we have an 18 month well visit with Corbin that we have to make at some point early next month. His synargis shot for January will be after the 20th. So we only have three doctor appointments for Corbin and one for Brodie. Brodie has an appointment with the eye surgeon in January as well. Praying each of you, and especially those that have lost their little ones this year, May you all have a wonderful Birthday Celebration for our Lord and Savior. Terri and Family

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Family Vacations

We made it back from vacation. Gunnar, Aiden and Brodie said it was the best vacation ever. We all(except Corbin) really enjoyed the water slides. Gunnar's favorite was the family slide that all could ride together on. Aiden loved the large water pail dumping on him in the fort. Brodie loved sitting on the beaver in the pool. There was lots to do. Corbin's favorite was the cub club play area. He learned how to climb the steps and slide down the slide by himself while we were there. We even spent a day visiting our family in Virginia Beach. They were able to meet Corbin for the first time and we met three of our cousins that were born since we had last gotten together.

As far as Corbin's health, he is doing very well. He has a weight check and synargis shot on the 22nd at the pediatricians office. He is doing much better on the neocate and his bloody stools are all cleared up. We have removed all his GI Reflux meds except the miralax. He is doing wonderful without them. He is on only five different heart medications. What a difference from 1 year ago! We do not see the cardiologist until February! We see the GI Doctors in early January. So we are beginning to slim down to once a month doctor appointments. Life is definitely getting easier here!

We are beginning to gather together our questions we need to ask about the next procedure for Corbin. So fellow heart mom's that have gone through the Fontan please feel free to give us your input. At Corbin's last Catheterization at 1 year, his pulmonary pressures were still in the 20's, with a shunt and on 1 liter of oxygen. (for the non heart community it is best to have them below 14) It is our understanding that the pressures are the biggest reason for failed fontan's so please give us any input and medical references so we can ask and research where we need to go next with Corbin.

Thank you for your support to our family. We are enjoying the wonderful season. We feel really blessed to have another opportunity to celebrate our Savior's birth as a family and at home once again. Please say a prayer for the many families that are in the hospital and have lost a loved one this year, as we pray they will especially feel God's love and care for them.

May you all feel God's love on this glorious day.
Terri and Family

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Its Snowing!

Yeah its Snowing!!!! I love the snow. I love it that is until I am stuffing three little boys into their snowsuits and when I get the last one in the first one tells me he has to go to the bathroom! Then the rest of them do too and so we remove all the clothes and start all over again! No matter how many times we send them to the bathroom first it always happens that way!

Corbin is doing very well. He was placed back on oxygen full time. He just was not ready for the time off. In Gods timing we will come off the oxygen. We also had to take him off of Dairy products. We were making the switch to whole milk but he continued to show signs of distress that I did question but it was consistently pushed aside by the doctors. Finally when he started having large amounts of bloody stools did the Doctors agree that the first milk and dairy test must have been wrong and he is allergic. So we are back on Neocate once again.

We have finally made progress in the home health care delivery department. It has been a huge battle that we have finally found someone to help us. After calling our insurance agency and filing a formal complaint we received the necessary information on who to call (the department supervisor)to receive Corbin's oxygen. Preferably not at midnight as they have delivered in the past. We are finally receiving his monitor leads so we can accurately check his saturation's. We received a phone number where we can call to order his food, and g-tube supplies as they closed the department and FORGOT to disconnect the numbers and they were still taking orders over the voice mail. Yes, an entire department is closed and not one person wonders why they are not receiving calls from that area for over two months! Go figure!

Lattany is doing very well now. She is slowly beginning the weaning progress off the many breathing medications. She was able to attend part of church service yesterday, had lunch with us as well and attended Travis' birthday party. It was wonderful to see her up and about after her being so very ill.

Travis, I and the boys are going on vacation this week to Williamsburg. We are going to the indoor water park, the Great Wolf Lodge. We are looking forward to some down time where the older boys can really let loose and enjoy themselves. I have been catching up on my creative memory albums these past few weeks. I did not realize how hard of time it was for them when Corbin was so sick. I am glad that God allows us to forget these things, but looking back I realized how little they were especially Brodie. They really deserve this time to play and not worry. Gunnar and Aiden asked if Corbin would still be alive when it gets warm again. Would he be able to go to the pool again? I don't realize how hard this is on them at times. They are really great boys and never complain about all the attention that Corbin gets for his many needs. We are really blessed.

Every Monday I receive help from the most wonderful person. Jennyce, thank you so much for all you do for us. Today Jennyce helped administer Corbin's medications, helped hold him down while I did his blood test, we had to change his g-tube after realizing it was leaking all over him, fix lunch for the boys, made sure Corbin had his oxygen on as he traveled all over the house, made sure each boy was given individual attention by reading many stories to each of them, helped Gunnar with school, sorted out Brodie's clothes that fit and did not, helped me pack for our trip and do six loads of laundry. I am sure I missed some of what we did but just listing that exhausted me again! :) What would we do without you! You are our hero for serving us each week. We love you! I hope Jim and Johnny take good care of you when you get home. You deserve some pampering!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and love for our family,
Terri and Family

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mommy lets me do things none of my brothers would ever have gotten away with. I think it is my weight and eating issues that lets me get away with this.  Posted by Picasa

Beano Bunny is either getting slower or Corbin is getting Faster! Oh Oh Beano! Your in Trouble now. Posted by Picasa

This is how Corbin gets his exercise! Chasing our bunny around the family room! Good thing Beano Bunny is fast! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gunnar and Aiden two peas in a pod! Where one is the other is not far off! Posted by Picasa

Yummy spagetti!!! I am really getting into the eating as you can see! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 21, 2005

Corbin is doing really well. Loves to be on the move and get into anything that he can. His favorite places in the house are the bathroom to splash in the toilet and his brothers room to try and eat the legos.  Posted by Picasa

Take 1 !!!! This may take awhile! Posted by Picasa

Take 560! :) At getting all four boys! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Pictures With Brodie and Corbin Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

November 18

Hello Everyone,
I am back after much work on our computer. If you have ever received an email from me in the past, I no longer have your email address so sorry for the lack of communication from me. If you send us a new email we will re enter you in our outlook. We had to wipe it clean and I never backed up my outlook. As Grand Penny says Technology is great when it works! Currently Grand Penny's computer is terminally ill as well so she has no way to communicate with you either.

We have had a very busy two weeks. Many doctor appointments. Corbin saw an audiologist and did a simple hearing test. They determined he did have small hearing loss but not enough that it would affect his speech. Then we saw the ENT about Corbin's continuous ear infections. He was not sure of the cause without doing a sedated MRI or CAT scan which we are not willing to do at this point unless they become untreatable with antibiotics. Last week we had his well visit and weight check. He lost 12 ounces for his first week eating on his own. Not the greatest news but they were willing to work on him going another week.

This week we had two appointments his weight check and flu shot. He has not lost in my mind (1 ounce) difference in how they read the scale! So we have been given another week to try. He really needs to gain a few ounces by next week or I can already hear the words. Put him back on that dreaded tube. We also saw the Cardiologist. She just loved how great he looked and could not get over how PINK his lips were! They have never really been pink before always a blue hue! Due to how high his saturations were we are doing a trial run off oxygen all together! We are on the saturation monitor for a week and if he stays this high we can come off altogether! We are staying where we are on all his medications since he is doing so well. For some really great news, his blood pressure was perfect difference between the arms and legs! You expect a 10 degree difference with a child such as Corbin and that is exactly what it was.

So we are to hold tight this winter, stay healthy and the plan is while Corbin is doing well catch him on the upswing and do the next surgery (whatever that may be hopefully the Fontan) this late late spring or summer. She feels it would be best before he starts showing any symptoms of needing it as her experience has been they do better if you catch them at the high point.

I can honestly say I dread the Fontan. I would love to close my eyes and for it to be over. But on the same note I don't want to make time go faster and miss a second of Corbin and his brothers. It is the strangest feeling to have when thinking of sending your son, whom you have already witnessed near death, back into experience the unthinkable another open heart surgery that is so very risky for him yet needed. Please pray for us that we will not fear Corbin's future as it is a temptation.

Grandma Mimi You will be happy to know Travis and I have even managed to squeeze in our own Doctor appointments this past month and all is well with us too!

Please pray for Travis' Dad as he is recovering from Back surgery. For Grand Penny as she finally received a diagnosis on her illness and begins a very difficult medicine regime (similar to when Corbin came home)to regain her health. For Corbin to stay healthy this winter. For the many families that we know facing this holiday in the hospital. Miss Taylor Forbes has been in the hospital over a year waiting on a new heart. She has the same heart condition as Corbin. Please join us in praying that she receives that gift of life and makes it home for Christmas! Also a big Congratulations to Stacey and Zach on the birth of their first daughter Erin Michelle!

Much Love and Prayers for all Terri

Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 27th

Hello Family and Friends,

We are doing very well. We celebrated Brodie's birthday last month and Aiden's this month. We have gone to the pumpkin patch as well as the air and space museum with some friends from church. Plus keeping up with home school and Corbin's doctor's appointments. Travis spent a few weekends out of town for weddings and car stuff. So we have been a little busy.

Corbin has started on his fourth ear infections and bronchitis. He started out this past weekend with croup but slowly it turned into something more. We are really happy with how well he is handling this illness. Only once during this illness was he close to us taking him to the hospital. Since that night he has not gotten any worse and slowly is getting better. This illness has helped us in making a decision on seeing an audiologist. We are taking him on November 8th to see an ENT specialist and audiologist. Please pray for his infection to be gone. They are going to try to determine if the infection is clearing totally or if it is just not going away with the antibiotics we are using. They are also going to look at how he swallows. Corbin will only hold his bottle laying flat on his back to drink his milk. He still has not mastered a sipper cup so we are working on that skill. Him laying on his back can be a cause for the infections from him not swallowing correctly. We are also going to check to see if his hearing is alright from his many procedures. Also document his language delay in hopes that this will help us get approval for speech therapy for him from our insurance.
We have been monitoring his blood pressure from home now. He is holding steady at 30 degree difference between arms and legs. That is great news! We have also started the RSV shots (synergis). Because insurance only paid for Nov through February, our pediatrician paid for his October shot! They are a truly amazing group of doctors. We are also planning a family mini vacation to Williamsburg VA in early December. Hope all is going well with you. Please pray we can have a hospital free winter. We are truly blessed to have so many care and love our son. Thank you for your love. For those that would like a wallet size picture of Corbin, please email me your address at
Thank you and God Bless, Terri and Family

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18th

Today we went to the pediatrician office for the flu shots and check up. Corbin is still not at 20 lbs he is so close, 19 lbs 6 ozs. He is still struggling with a cold and infection so he was not able to get his flu shot today. We hope he will be better in November. We also had to postpone Brodie's flu shot as well. Gunnar, Aiden and I received ours!

We also received approval finally for the synergis shots. Those are to protect against RSV. He will begin receiving those in November as well. He was to get that next week but since he is ill and on antibiotics again we have to wait.

Another round with the insurance that has finally been cleared up is the therapy. He has been approved again to restart physical therapy. We will have to have a re-evaluation to determine if he needs other services as well. This is supposed to begin next week we will have to see.

Also we are supposed to take him to see an Audiologist for hearing tests. This has been difficult for Travis and I. Neither one of us wants to add another Doctor onto the list and also put Corbin through any more of this then necessary. We also are unsure if he truly needs it or is just delayed in making real speech. So we have been putting this off. Please pray for us to make the correct decision on this. We are also supposed to see a neurologist but have decided to put this off as well. We are not sure that this is really necessary for Corbin. Please pray that these are the correct decision we are making and that he continues to make progress in his development and speech.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
The Grabb's

Thursday, October 06, 2005

King of The Hill! I love to dump and climb!  Posted by Picasa

Corbin's first Hair Cut!!! Yes he cried so hard for this. He doesn't cry for blood draws or chest x-rays but will for a hair cut! It was hard to not laugh and try and console him since we found this so funny, after all he has been through he was afraid of his hair getting cut! Posted by Picasa

Getting into trouble again! Loves dumping out all his medical supplies so we can pick them up and start again. Thankfully they are all in their own sterilized packages and this is harmless! :)  Posted by Picasa

Our Wild Boy

Just wanted to show you what are new, on the move boy is doing lately. He is keeping me VERY busy. Even with two ear infections. He is sleeping a lot more. We have been on the phone with the cardiology and they will be doing an EKG on Thursday to check heart function. We have some more room to go up on his digoxin if his heart function is down some.

His favorite things to do are climb onto the fireplace ledge and sit next to it! Good thing its summer! He now loves to dump out any containers of toys he can find! And then try to climb on top of them. His brothers help him with the climbing by taking the cushions off the couch so he can climb up the couch and sit on the couch. He also loves the kitchen lazy suzan. He opens the cupboard and swipes everything out of it and then proceeds to climb right in!

He is just to funny. Never really thought about him being so normal and just lived day by day for so long that know that we are at a place where we can easily forget that he has a serious heart problem. Life is good to be able to forget.

We would like to ask for prayers for a hospital free winter! Also for friends of ours, Faith Harris had some very serious complications to her heart catherization which put her into emergency open heart surgery. Please pray for their family. You can follow their journey through the care page by going to and then typing in the name faithharris. Also for my very dear friend who has sent out many an update to the prayer chain. She is expecting her first little girl in just a few weeks. What a long road this has been for her and Zach. Please pray for a safe and painfree delivery for Stacey and for Baby Erin to be strong and healthy.

Thank you and God Bless each of you.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sick Today

Well, Corbin has a cold and is doing well with it but after a LONG night of screaming we fear once again he has an ear infection. We are taking him in to the doctor today and hoping that they can figure out why he is so uncomfortable.

We will let everyone know how he is doing later,

We have returned from the Doctor. They did confirm that he does infact have ear infections in both ears. Both ear drums have ruptured as well. So they are placing him on antibiotics and drops to heal the ears. Praying that this does not become a pattern for him with his ears.

Will let you know how he does and update again real soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wonderful Days and Sleeping Nights

Well, We have had a wonderful weekend and three days. Corbin's rash disappeared after several days of large doses of antihistimes. We are not sure of the cause, no virus or infection could be found. We did have him tested for allergies but did not find anything that could have caused this. According to the test, he is allergic to everything outside and cats, dogs and dust. Wonder he can even breath! Not sure I really believe what they are saying!

Anyways he is doing great. We have had him back in his own bedroom again. He is sleeping almost through the night leaving me to get up only twice to three times. This is just amazing since he was sleeping so little before. He is also making great strides in development. He is walking along furniture and will hold on with only one hand now verses the death grip of two hands. He still has very little balance but with much therapy he will get there.

Physical therapy and all services are canceled due to insurance problems so we are not sure when we will see anyone again. Early on services even though they are through the state go by income. So they feel we can pay the 375.00 a week for services. We are also fighting for Corbin to get his RSV shots this winter. The RSV is a virus that attacks the weaker immunity children or elderly and can cause serious problems (ie Hospitalizations). So we are working on getting that as well.

Grandma and Gary we finally got Travis in to the Doctor and they have referrals to have the episode checked out with some other doctors. So we will keep you updated. He has not had any other problems or symptoms, so we are sure it was all stress related. Not that he could possibly have been under any stress back in February, (New Job, New House, Cleaning out Apartment Rental, out of town for Conference, Son placed back in hospital for drug poisoning and kidney failure) No there was no reason for him to be stressed!

Gunnar is doing wonderful in homeschool. He loves his satellite classes and his "teachers". He is reading lots. We went to the library today and checked out books that he could read! We even got him a library card as well. He was very excited about that.

Aiden is doing great too. He is learning his letters, can write his name and has beautiful handwriting! He Loves school and sending out his school papers as little letters for the family.

Brodie loves his new room! Playing in it with his little brother. This has helped him tremendously! We were really struggling with lots of behavior with him. It is not that he has had it easy by no means. From the time he was 9 months old to 2 1/2 we barely got to spend any time with him do to so many illnesses or problems within the family. The new room has made him feel like a big boy and a helper to his brother whom he would many times try to lash out against whenever I was not looking. Thanks to Jennyce and Judy for coming and setting it all up. What a great amount of work you all did at such a short time.

We are having a wonderful end of summer and fall. Pray for continued health for Corbin and family. That Corbin can go all winter without any hospitalizations!
Much Love,
Terri and Family

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh Spotted One

Well, we are trying to figure out what could possibly be causing this rash that overtook Corbin on Wed. He woke up with a few spots on his face and neck then an hour later it was all over his body. We are not sure of the cause. We have not added any new foods so it is not real sure about it. He has not had a fever or any other symptoms of a virus. The fear is it may be by some of his new heart medications which he really needs.

He is currently on Atarax every four hours to try and keep this away.

Praying we get relief and see our beautiful son spot free soon and find the culprit to these spots.
Terri and Family

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


After a few rough weeks of little sleep, Travis and I made some changes for Corbin and where he would sleep. We have had him sleeping next to us in his crib since we brought him home. This was largely due to his many medication needs, pumps and tubing. Over the months this has gotten better. We only have one medication to give at night and one time to refill his food bag. So we have gotten much better about night time needs. The problem is that Corbin does not sleep well. On average he can wake up 5 to 7 times a night. They never seem to coincide with his meds or food change. Leaving me to be awake most of the night. Every book you read on Baby's and sleep says to NEVER have cords or things in their crib that could cause them to strangle themselves. Yet, Corbin's crib holds his oxygen tubing, his feeding tubing, and his feeding pump which is plugged into an outlet! His sleep situation has always made me nervous, especially as he becomes more mobile!

After much prayer and faith we have placed Corbin in his own room with Brodie. We are using swimming noodles to prevent him from strangling on his cords! Last night was the first night Corbin has ever slept in a room without an adult! He did fairly well. I was only up a total of seven times. Five times for him waking and twice for his food and medications. Then this morning Brodie woke up and asked for Corbin to play on the floor of the room with him. They played for a total of 20 minutes! It is wonderful to have a room that is safe for him to be in and for Brodie as well.

We are praying that this continues to go well. That this will help Corbin sleep better at night as well as myself.

Corbin otherwise is doing well. We have noticed that he may have an abscess or small infection on his chest near his incision. It started out pinhole in shape and has slowly gotten bigger. We are treating it with antibiotics. He has started a new phase of not eating. So everything is back to being tube fed. Like many babies they go in phases. Just seems to be more noticeable with Corbin when he stops. Makes things a little more challenging here at home as to what is normal or related to his heart defect and GI issues.

Thanks for your prayers,
Terri and Family

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hi Every One

Well I think I finally have this working and the links all correct.

We had a great week. We are really getting the hang of home schooling Gunnar and Aiden. Gunnar and Aiden are both doing a home satellite program through Bob Jones. I am having fun doing it with them and watching Gunnar's progress. He is reading tons and even writing some great stories.

We had a few laughs at Travis this week. Gunnar made a puppet during class and was showing it off to Travis and I. It had two goggle eyes, a tongue and ears. Travis asked Gunnar "What is it?" Gunnar replied, " A Sock Puppet!" Then preceded to walk away saying "Geez Dad!"

Later that same day we were driving along and Gunnar spotted a huge clock. He asked what time it was. Travis replied its broken. I said no its 2:00. Travis replied no its broken the big hand is on 12! We are still working on time telling with Travis hopefully soon he will get it. But to his defense it was a clock with roman numerals.

Corbin is doing very well. We had a cardiology check for blood pressure this week. It was supposed to be just a quick check when it turned into a four and a half our check up. We kept getting a 40 degree difference between his arms and legs which can suggest a blockage somewhere. Just two weeks ago he only had a 10 degree difference which is completely normal for a baby with HLHS. So we went for an EKG and an ECHO. They were unable to get a look at the aorta which is what may be causing the problem but on Doppler they did hear that the difference is not so significant. So he will be going weekly for quick blood pressure checks to monitor it for a few weeks.

We finally also heard back from U of M. They said it was ok to wait and not do any surgery for a while. So we will just enjoy the winter.

Corbin is finally going to the bathroom with more consistency. We would like to ask that you continue to pray that he gets good rest. We are still not sleeping the way he was. Otherwise he is doing wonderful and making some great strides. He is signing lots of words, eat, more, full, ball and Dad. He says Dada, Mama, and Oh Oh! He is walking along furniture now and pulling up on everything. We have begun taping his oxygen to his back so he will not trip over it. He is only on his feeding pump two to three times a day, and hooked up at night for only 7 hours now. He has made it to the 19 lb mark! We are so excited over this progress!

Let us know how you are doing as well. Leave us a message! Gunnar, Aiden, Brodie and of course Travis and I love to read your messages!

May God Shine his Face upon on this glorious day.
Terri and Family

Friday, September 16, 2005

Aiden, Corbin, Gunnar and Brodie!!!!  Posted by Picasa

My new mini backpack feeding pump! No more IV poles! Posted by Picasa

Look I learned to Crawl!!! Posted by Picasa

New Website Set Up

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to see if this would work. We are trying a new format that will allow us to actually talk to all of you easily and be able to communicate via a blog. It is in the beginning stages so we will have to work out the kinks as we go.

Everyone is doing great.

Much Love,
Terri and Family

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