Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's End

I can't believe summer is ending and School is to begin in 4 short days! In so many ways it seems summer was never here. I know that my parents always said that the older you get the faster time goes. Well I must be as old as dirt because I feel like I just woke up and summer slipped away over night.

We were extremely busy this summer and that is probably why. What fun were we up to this summer well we had some great times in between some very trying times. Our summer started out with illness. Travis, Gunnar and Brodie all sick with different things but finally we were able to get out of the house and start playing. We put on another amazing Corbin's Fun Run this year! With tons of help from many wonderful friends and family.

We then went off for a super family vacation to the bay. We spent two weeks camping, swimming, boating, eating tons of marshmellows and hot dogs. Aiden decided to throw in a trip to the ER by dislocating his shoulder. The very next day he was perfectly fine and ready to go at it all over again. (TO BE YOUNG AGAIN)

We came home freshened up our clothes then off to my sisters we went. This trip began very badly! Our first day out Brodie fell forward on a wagon at the Detroit Zoo and his hand was stuck under the wheel of the wagon. It was badly damaged (no skin left on the fingers of his hand)! He was rushed by ambulance for fear that he was going to loose his 2nd finger. Thankfully he is recovering ok. It will be a long recover but is ok. He is unable to use his main hand but like a champ handling it all well. (THIS JUST GLOSSES OVER HOW YUCKY AND HARD IT WAS TO SEE HIM IN SUCH PAIN)

As you can see I am thankfull in some ways we were to come home and begin getting ready for school so we could take a breather. Its time to get back to work and quit goofing off.

We had Brodie's SIXTH birthday party last night. Yes, I cried buckets of tears that my little boy is six! Where did the time go?

Well off to make Popcorn for my little guys!

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