Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grocery Shopping Woes

I am known by many especially my husband and sisters by for my grocery shopping abilities. For years, starting when I was in high school and had to grocery shop for my parents it was a disaster. I would find other things to do, continue to put it off until I had to do it and then find that I had misplaced the money my parents gave me. My sister Sherri and I when we lived together would use our grocery money not on groceries. My husband bemoans how I can go to the store with a list and still manage to forget buy half the items on it. So my inability to shop has a long history.

I am proud to say I have taken my shopping difficulties to a new horizon this holiday season!!!

Over Thanksgiving Sherri and I went out and did all the shopping for our big dinner. After purchasing all the groceries on the list, forgetting to stop at one store on the list (the florist) and coming home we began making the many side dishes for the dinner. After a few hours it became apparent that there were items missing??? We were certain we bought them. My receipt showed I did succeed in purchasing these groceries. So by Thanksgiving morning we finally realize that HALF the groceries I bought were left at the STORE!!! You are probably asking how can someone possibly leave only half their groceries at the store. Admitting to yourself that many of you have driven off leaving all of your groceries in front of the store, but still confused as to how someone leaves half of a 200.00 grocery cart at the store. Having left all of my groceries several times, a bag or two at the store, I too am confused as to how I managed to bring home only half. Yes, if you need your grocery shopping done feel free to call me. I am sure to get it done eventually. We ended up going back to the store between that afternoon AND Thanksgiving day no less than 6 times to repurchase all those items I forgot.

So with great joy we head into the Christmas holiday and it is always questionable if we have the actual items I purchased. Sad isn't it. I am sure the stores love me. I share this wonderful story with you so you may laugh and maybe even commiserate in your shopping ability or lack there of. This past week, I managed to forget only one bag at the store!
Heads up Safeway I will be shopping tomorrow!

Happy Shopping

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Merry Christmas

The Three Grabb Boys

They have reached the age when I can no longer talk them into letting me get them matching outfits! :) So now we just do favorite sweaters! And of course we have to include Corbin Bear!


Can you believe he is 8 years old!!! Soon 9, how time flys.


As always lots of smiles and love to share!

Sweet little Bro Bro! How sad I am to see him grow up. Yet he is on me.

My Beautiful Boys!

If you ever talk to me on the phone you can always hear the chaos in the background. The loud wrestling, the loud playing and of course the loud laughter. Through it all they are best friends with a lot of love for each other!

How I love my boys! So precious, so sweet!

Happy Holidays from the Grabb Family!

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