Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strep, Strep and More Strep!!!

Brodie enjoys being sick way to much!! He loves snuggling on the couch. Getting to stay home with Mom and Dad. He just takes it all in and enjoys it.
He is still sick with strep we are trying another type of antibiotic and praying this one does the job.
We also have Gunnar on crutches. He has a bad sprain to his foot and is not to use it for a few weeks.
They had a great time Jump Roping for Hearts. I have some pictures loaded on my camrea that I will get posted soon. Next week they have the invention fair and I will post that soon as well.

Love you all.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our Friend Strep

We love having company and friends over. This friend that is visiting is not a welcomed guest. This guest is the kind that not only does things like pee on your toilet seat, but also overstays his welcome, eats all your groceries and makes disgusting noises at the dinner table.
Our lovely unwanted uninvited guest strep is here. We are still awaiting for the Doctor to call to tell us if others in the family have been affected by this visit. (remember last year we had this guest visiting for over a year, talk about overstaying your welcome) Poor Brodie has the fever, sore throat, stomach ache,head ache and the worst is the full body rash with itching as well. Talk about miserable!

On the fun side of things all three boys are in the invention fair this year. They will present their inventions the end of this month and are so excited about it. Gunnar and Aiden are also jumping for American Heart Association. This year the boys amazing P.E. teacher has made the Jump Rope for Heart in memory of Corbin. He has the whole school participating.

Well that is about it for the Gang!

Off to snuggle and love on my little guy!

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