Friday, September 29, 2006

Pray Please

Please pray for my Dad and family. My Dad is being flighted to a hospital in heart failure. He is currently intubated and still not getting enough oxygen.

Not sure when I will update again,
Leaving now for Michigan.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006

It has been awhile since I have updated. The boys are doing well. We have began our crazy schedule. The boys all have loved soccer. Brodie played in his first soccer game this past week. We are still working on kicking toward the correct goal. He loved making a goal unfortunately it was in the wrong net and counted against his team instead of for it. Not to worry three other boys did the same thing. Yes, this does make me question my coaching abilities. But I keep telling myself that I can not do any serious harm to 4 year olds.

Gunnar and Aiden are on the same team and are doing very well. They both scored several goals.

School is going well. Gunnar and Aiden are loving Co-op this year. They love their classes and are learning a lot. Aiden loves sign language. Gunnar's favorite class is history.

We went away for the first time this weekend as a family. It was hard but good. The boys had a great time at their GrandPap Grabb's house. The boys rode their motorcycles, went for a canoe ride, swam and rode in the mule! Yep a busy three days but a nice mini holiday for us all. Unfortunately both Gunnar and Brodie are a little under the weather, having trouble with their breathing and needing asthma treatments. Doing well despite needing the treatments.

Hope all is going well with each of you. As always we are missing Corbin but overall doing well. We are keeping our eyes on God and telling us His truths to get us through.
All our Love,
The Grabbs

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This week

We are excited to say we have sold over $150.00 in bracelets and necklaces for CHD research and families. The boys love sealing each package. Sometimes so fast the notes can't even make it in. They have also been mailing off their Lovies as well.

All three started Soccer and Awana's this past wednesday. They were a little unsure of awana's but took right to soccer. Aiden is doing much better than Gunnar dealing with Corbin's loss. I think that is because he will talk about it to ANYONE! In the checkout line he will tell the clerk or bagger, his teachers in Awana, strangers standing in line next to him. He loves to talk about his brother and tell people that Corbin is in Heaven. We are not going to stop him from this or tell him that it makes people VERY uncomfortable because I would rather let him heal and that he is. Gunnar will not discuss it. He gets upset when you mention Corbin in anyway. So I am looking at ways to help him heal. Gunnar is also sick. He is running a fever and has flu symptoms this past few days.

We are working on the American Heart Walk in the DC area. We are overwhelmed by the responses we are getting. We have families traveling from all over coming to join us. Still amazed at the love we are shown by God.

Well thats all for now we will update again another time,
Terri and Crew

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