Monday, May 28, 2007

Happenings in the Grabb household

Well, we have had a lot going on here.

The boys are finishing up soccer season. They have finished with the homeschool co op as well. They had their year end program and did just awesome. I wish we could have taped their sign language song. They were so cute!

We have registered Brodie up for Kindergarten at the local school. He is so very excited. He had a bus ride as well. I cried and cried to see my little boy get on that bus like a big boy.

We are still doing school through the summer to catch up.

I traveled to U of M for the memorial service for Corbin and the other babies at the hospital. That in itself is a whole update.

We have begun to remodel the bathrooms at the house which I am very excited about. Our community garden is growing very well. MC all your beans are growing great!!!!

Corbin's Memorial Run is getting geared up. We are in full swing with that. My sister did an awesome Heart Quilt that is beyond words that we are raffling off. The boys are crying about the quilt being raffled.

Well thats about it.

Try to update soon.

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