Sunday, September 28, 2008

Corbin's Fun Run 2008

Corbin's Fun Run 2008 photos. Yes, I know it has been forever long. Sorry it has taken so long to put this up.

Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yeah for School!

So excited that school starts today! We can get into our routine and back to normal (whatever that is)! Praying this year we visit the Doctor much LESS (although Brodie has ruined it for us so far with his finger injury)! My thought is that the boys should be able to fight off all those school germs since being in school one year and exposed to it otherwise I might go crazy by the time all this ends.

I am missing our little Corbin a lot lately. Watching the boys doing all these new things, seeing Corbin's little buddies start school and preschool for the first time. It makes me a little sad. Trying to stay focused on the truth He doesn't care that he is missing it as he is having a far better time in heaven than on earth.

Posting Pictures later today of Brodie's HAND, and school!


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