Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas oh my...

Where oh where has the time gone!!! I know when my parents told me that as they got older they felt the fast forward button was being pressed on time but I never took them serious. Well, now I completely understand what they mean by that. Oh my goodness has it flown.

They boys are doing fabulous. We have had a great school year so far. Can you believe we are just one month shy of finishing a half a year!

We have taken our Christmas photos as well. Here is a little picture of the boys christmas picture.

Getting all three boys to take a group picture is so hard now that I have a TWEEN yes, we have a boy who thinks he should be a teenager, oh my ( I am not ready for this stage) I have to tell him exactly how many times the flash will go off and then he is done! So needless to say this child can't stand posing for our Christmas picture time.

So here is our Tween, our book lover, he always has his nose in a book! He loves autobiographies, reading about history, mysteries, and adventure stories.

Here is our sweet little crazy boy. He always seems to find trouble. I am sure it follows him around his friend destruction. He is so funny and loves adventure. He is always on the full blast and never slows down. You got to love his love for life he has A LOT of it! : )

This little guy is growing up so fast. He has learned all his letter and sounds this year. He is now reading as well. What happened to our little guy, who told him he could grow up so fast! This little guy loves to have his picture taken and is always asking for that as well. So getting this cute face on film is so easy besides him being cute he will pose for hours for you.

So next year we hope to have added to our family by one or two more God willing. You can follow our adoption story on our other website. Due to privacy issues that blog is not open to everyone. So email us if you would like to be included in receiving those updates. We are doing great and excited to see what this next year brings.

God bless and May you have a wonderful Christmas this year and many blessings.
The Grabb Family

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Corbin's Fun Run 2008

Corbin's Fun Run 2008 photos. Yes, I know it has been forever long. Sorry it has taken so long to put this up.

Take care everyone.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yeah for School!

So excited that school starts today! We can get into our routine and back to normal (whatever that is)! Praying this year we visit the Doctor much LESS (although Brodie has ruined it for us so far with his finger injury)! My thought is that the boys should be able to fight off all those school germs since being in school one year and exposed to it otherwise I might go crazy by the time all this ends.

I am missing our little Corbin a lot lately. Watching the boys doing all these new things, seeing Corbin's little buddies start school and preschool for the first time. It makes me a little sad. Trying to stay focused on the truth He doesn't care that he is missing it as he is having a far better time in heaven than on earth.

Posting Pictures later today of Brodie's HAND, and school!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's End

I can't believe summer is ending and School is to begin in 4 short days! In so many ways it seems summer was never here. I know that my parents always said that the older you get the faster time goes. Well I must be as old as dirt because I feel like I just woke up and summer slipped away over night.

We were extremely busy this summer and that is probably why. What fun were we up to this summer well we had some great times in between some very trying times. Our summer started out with illness. Travis, Gunnar and Brodie all sick with different things but finally we were able to get out of the house and start playing. We put on another amazing Corbin's Fun Run this year! With tons of help from many wonderful friends and family.

We then went off for a super family vacation to the bay. We spent two weeks camping, swimming, boating, eating tons of marshmellows and hot dogs. Aiden decided to throw in a trip to the ER by dislocating his shoulder. The very next day he was perfectly fine and ready to go at it all over again. (TO BE YOUNG AGAIN)

We came home freshened up our clothes then off to my sisters we went. This trip began very badly! Our first day out Brodie fell forward on a wagon at the Detroit Zoo and his hand was stuck under the wheel of the wagon. It was badly damaged (no skin left on the fingers of his hand)! He was rushed by ambulance for fear that he was going to loose his 2nd finger. Thankfully he is recovering ok. It will be a long recover but is ok. He is unable to use his main hand but like a champ handling it all well. (THIS JUST GLOSSES OVER HOW YUCKY AND HARD IT WAS TO SEE HIM IN SUCH PAIN)

As you can see I am thankfull in some ways we were to come home and begin getting ready for school so we could take a breather. Its time to get back to work and quit goofing off.

We had Brodie's SIXTH birthday party last night. Yes, I cried buckets of tears that my little boy is six! Where did the time go?

Well off to make Popcorn for my little guys!

Terri and Crew

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeah New Look!!!!

So I finally got around to giving our blog a new look! I customized it myself and did a pretty good job I must say! :)

We are all doing great! The run went wonderful. I did not get to enjoy it as much this year as last as I was working my tail off and it was over before I new it. Then we had a whirl wind day. We did Corbin's birthday butterfly release with everyone that afternoon as well so it was a non stop weekend. Hopefully I can put pictures up soon. Jewel took some amazing photos that I LOVE of Brodie and at the cemetery at the butterfly release.

We are off for a month leaving Dad to work while the boys and I take a summer fling before school starts.

So we will update on our adventures when we get back and hopefully by then the photographer will have the photos ready.

The Grabb Crew

Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally an Update


I figured I had better give a real update on how we are all doing.

We have finally gotten rid of the strep virus from our home. I had thought that it would never leave after it lived here for almost 18 months but it is gone! Gunnar will need to have his tonsils and adnoids out but we will face that this summer maybe if I have the courage to schedule it. I hate the thought of him going through the surgery so we have been very hesitant to put him through it.

The boys are all doing great. Gunnar received an award for his invention at the Innovation and Invention Fair. Aiden is in a play that is coming up in school. Brodie has decided that he wants to learn and is taking off in learning his letters and desires to read! I never thought it would happen but it is, he is growing up.

All three boys are taking Piano lessons from a wonderful young lady that graciously comes to our home and gives them lessons. Brodie LOVES it. He tells everyone that he can't have play dates after school anymore because he needs to go home to practice his piano.

We are grateful spring has arrived. The boys are staying outside until dark and have stopped destroying the house and are now back to their antics of yard play, sword fighting, dirt bike riding, building jumps, swinging on vines and all other wild and crazy things they can come up with. Travis is right there with them encouraging and following along with them as well. I really need adult supervision around here at times! :)

Travis is racing one weekend a month throughout spring and summer. Hopefully we will get the chance to go see him race (If I get the courage up). The boys are wanting to sign up for swim team this year so we will possibly be doing that with them. I have not made up my mind. I love to have my summers off so we can travel so I am not yet ready to give them up.

We are in full swing with Corbin's Fun Run 2008. It is officially up and running. We have our first four sponsors, the date set for July 19th, the park reserved again. So I have been busy with that along with taxes and paperwork for the IRS and accountant as well. I am hoping to spend the day doing scrapbooks with Penny in April but we will see.

For spring break we went to the movies, visited a local farm, went swimming, had a day of dental work done (teeth took a major hit from the high dose antibiotics they were on) went on an egg hunt, birthday parties, and colored easter eggs. I was disappointed that I did not get a pajama day! :( Brodie was sad that he did not get to the nature center. Just not enough time to do it all!

This month we will be going to Ohio to spend the weekend with my sister's family in a water park. We usually spend spring break together but this year had seperate weeks so we made a weekend date instead. Everyone is looking forward to that.

Travis has been working, volunteering and helping our with ALPHA at our church Sovereign Grace of Fairfax and spending lots of time playing in the garage fixing up his car.

So thats what we have been up to! Sorry for the lack of updates.

Terri and the BOYZS

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travis is Official

Yes, folks that is right Travis has his race license!

Below is his first official race. Its heart stopping!

Yes, I may need to start coloring my hair very soon!

Terri and Family

VIR Full 022308 NASA Thunder Race Start

Start of my first race after passing Comp School the day before.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cork Screw in the House??

Just Pliers???

No maybe a corncob holder and pliers will do the job?? Notice the strain on his face!!! He is working hard for this!!!

Hey, the corncob holder came out but where is the cork??? Dang, it didn't work!

Back to just the pliers and the cork again!! Hmm will this really work!
No, folks they did finally find a corkscrew! Ah, family, who else can you laugh at so well.

Love You Jeff and Ray!!!!

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