Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grocery Shopping Woes

I am known by many especially my husband and sisters by for my grocery shopping abilities. For years, starting when I was in high school and had to grocery shop for my parents it was a disaster. I would find other things to do, continue to put it off until I had to do it and then find that I had misplaced the money my parents gave me. My sister Sherri and I when we lived together would use our grocery money not on groceries. My husband bemoans how I can go to the store with a list and still manage to forget buy half the items on it. So my inability to shop has a long history.

I am proud to say I have taken my shopping difficulties to a new horizon this holiday season!!!

Over Thanksgiving Sherri and I went out and did all the shopping for our big dinner. After purchasing all the groceries on the list, forgetting to stop at one store on the list (the florist) and coming home we began making the many side dishes for the dinner. After a few hours it became apparent that there were items missing??? We were certain we bought them. My receipt showed I did succeed in purchasing these groceries. So by Thanksgiving morning we finally realize that HALF the groceries I bought were left at the STORE!!! You are probably asking how can someone possibly leave only half their groceries at the store. Admitting to yourself that many of you have driven off leaving all of your groceries in front of the store, but still confused as to how someone leaves half of a 200.00 grocery cart at the store. Having left all of my groceries several times, a bag or two at the store, I too am confused as to how I managed to bring home only half. Yes, if you need your grocery shopping done feel free to call me. I am sure to get it done eventually. We ended up going back to the store between that afternoon AND Thanksgiving day no less than 6 times to repurchase all those items I forgot.

So with great joy we head into the Christmas holiday and it is always questionable if we have the actual items I purchased. Sad isn't it. I am sure the stores love me. I share this wonderful story with you so you may laugh and maybe even commiserate in your shopping ability or lack there of. This past week, I managed to forget only one bag at the store!
Heads up Safeway I will be shopping tomorrow!

Happy Shopping

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Merry Christmas

The Three Grabb Boys

They have reached the age when I can no longer talk them into letting me get them matching outfits! :) So now we just do favorite sweaters! And of course we have to include Corbin Bear!


Can you believe he is 8 years old!!! Soon 9, how time flys.


As always lots of smiles and love to share!

Sweet little Bro Bro! How sad I am to see him grow up. Yet he is on me.

My Beautiful Boys!

If you ever talk to me on the phone you can always hear the chaos in the background. The loud wrestling, the loud playing and of course the loud laughter. Through it all they are best friends with a lot of love for each other!

How I love my boys! So precious, so sweet!

Happy Holidays from the Grabb Family!

Friday, November 30, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving in Michigan with our family. The boys loved visiting with all their cousins. We had over 26 of us in one house. My sister Sherri was very kind to let us all over run her house. It was fun catching up and being together with all my sisters.

The boys are not feeling well currently all three have strep throat. We have been snuggling a lot on the couch and watching TV. I have to admit that I don't like the day we have to run to the doctors office but enjoy the day after when we can relax at home snuggling in bed and on the couch.

We are getting ready for the holidays. I am amazed how each day there is an ache in our hearts for Corbin. Some days it is just a dim pain, others it is an agonizing overwhelming blinding pain searing deep into the souls of our hearts. Brodie still talks about when Corbin comes home how he will play with this toy or wear this shirt like him. We have stopped explaining that Corbin is not coming home.

For me, the holidays are just hard. Missing Corbin and my parents, the holidays are a time when it makes the hole in my life and heart feel like a spasm of darkness before me. Yet, with that I remember to enjoy each day. Cherish the holidays with the boys and take nothing for granite.

All our Love,
Terri and Family

Friday, October 05, 2007

Hey Hi Everyone!!!!

Just a short Hello to let you know we are all doing ok!

We had a small adventure as many of you heard about! While watching a friend do an adventure quest race at the local park we had a small emergency. Gunnar fell on a SNAKE and of course it was poisonous and OF COURSE it bit him! So off we went to spend a few days in the wonderful Fairfax Hotel! A short vacation for Travis, Gunnar and I. He is doing alright. His arm and wound is healing well. He did require antivenom to be administered, through out the entire event he was stable.

We are getting back on track and into a routine.

We also have finalized the Logo for the Foundation! So all you logo buyers out there, here is the website that you can buy logo gear from and a profit of the sales will go toward the foundation which we will send the money of for CHD research!

CMG Heart Foundation Store at CafePress!

Corbin's Fun Run Store at CafePress!

We also had the great pleasure of visiting the new Children's hospital. It was great. They did a fabulous job and it will be opening very soon!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Time

Well our little boys are all in school. Yes, all three are going to Clifton Elementary these days. I know some of you just fell off your seats.

Gunnar LOVES school at Clifton. He is enjoying his teacher, classmates and the work. Brodie is so funny about school. He told us after his first day, "My Bus Driver is CRAZY!" She keeps stopping the bus and I slide off the seat. Aiden is having some what of a hard time adjusting to school. We are working through a lot of anxiety that has surfaced. He told us that he is afraid when he leaves me someone else will die. Heart breaking that our 6 year old son is so afraid to leave me because of the fear someone else he knows will die. He has a great counselor, teacher and staff to support him. I am attending the school to do lunch time and recess with him. I am sure soon he will learn that when Mommy leaves him somewhere it doesn't mean that someone is dying.

Brodie as usual has much to say. Yesterday he came off the bus to tell me he "I invited a chick over to play with me Mom! I can't remember her name but she is a girl!" Got to love that crazy kid. He is also learning about Bears. His homework was to learn two bear facts. The only bear fact we seem to get out of him is "Bears poop like this!" along with a demonstration. I am praying he has NOT shared this fact at school.

I am still teaching Astronomy at the Church co op on Thursdays. Now, volunteering at the school, and staying busy. Travis has found his past love of Mountain biking and started that up with the boys again. They are building jumps, "skinnys" and many other contraptions to ride on. I would love to see them take up Olympic knitting or some other boring calm sport. I dare say there is no such luck in that.

Well that is all that is going on at the Grabb Zoo.
Terri for all

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jason's Fontan

As many of you know we are very close to the York family. Jason had his Fontan on wednesday. It was scary. Jason has never had an easy course and has undergone 6 surgeries. With his blood disorder it has been very difficult to operate on this young man. We have kept in close contact with Rachel and Mike. So after Jason's rocky start with the Fontan it was decided that I would fly up and spend some time with Rachel. Jason turned the corner and is doing very well. He needs to finish draining from his chest tubes and then will be sent home.

Here is a slide show of our Jason during his Fontan. How we love the Yorks and are so excited that Jason is doing well.

Terri and Crew

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Long Over Due

I know I am long overdue for an update, so here you go.

Life just whizzes by me. I try hard to just hang on to the coat tails and pray I don't let go and fall off. Who knows where I may land!

We celebrated Corbin's 3rd birthday on July 20th with an amazing tribute to his life at the cemetary with many families. The occasion was filled with laughter, squeeling children and lots of energy. As I gazed out at the mass of children (over 15 kids at his graveside) I whispered up to him and said Oh my son how right this is. For you loved these children. You loved to chase, play and wrestle each one. May we always remember your love and joy for life. Your smiles and joyful approach to all things. So we had a time of prayer and then we released butterflys to send butterfly kisses to Corbin. Each of the Children decorated the grave with handmade pinwheels.

We had an amazing and wonderful first Annual Corbin's Fun Run. I was overwhelmed and at times speechless with tears at the many who came out and asked us to continue and do it again next year. We made THOUSANDS of dollars to go to CHD research. It was incredible. I am working on a slide show so it should be up soon.

This past few weeks since the event have been catching our breath and regaining our energy.
As Brodie approaches his time to begin school. Yes, he is entering into Kindergarten at the local school here. He is very excited but has some things to say about it that make us laugh. Gunnar and Aiden told Brodie that "Brodie is going to PRISON!" after the comment made with Grand Penny that a school looks like a prison. You can tell my children have been home schooled and never even entered into a school before to know the difference. Brodie went on to tell Grand Penny and Poppy that "There are bullys at my school and I am going to beat them up!" So I have some small worries over how the first few days of school will go but praying it is peaceful.

Life with three boys is incredibly busy. At times I wonder how a Mother survives the childhood years. I once heard a lady talk about her dogs that she could only let two out to play at a time if you let more than that they act like a pack and make bad choices. I think the same goes for BOYS.

This past week we have had to scrub berry juice out of there hair and skin because they got the bright idea to make themselves into Umpa Lumpas from Charlie and The Choclate Factory. Then they proceeded to top the afternoon off with making a mud bubble bog and taking our 2 year old neighbor boy into the mud bog and trying to make him a different color! Yes, we went through no less than 5 showers that day, a ton of clothes and lots of my patience! I did avert one small disaster when I stopped Gunnar and Aiden from tying Brodie to the ceiling fan to see if he could fly like Peter Pan.

They currently have found their love for making ramps and jumps for their mountain bikes. I am off to make sure everyone has all body parts intact. This is probably why I don't update very much as they are keeping me way to busy!

All our Love,
Terri and the WILD boys.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Fun Run

Dear Friends, I just wanted to send you a quick reminder about Corbin's Fun Run on Saturday, July 21 at Burke Lake Park, starting 8am. The event includes a 5-mile run and a 1-mile walk. Organized in memory of my son, the purpose is to raise money to fight CHD. Proceeds go to Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC and Inova Fairfax Hospital's Tender Hearts, a wonderful local support group for families with kids with CHD. Advance registration closes July 16, so if you plan on participating please register soon, preferably on-line instead of by mail. Visit Corbin's Fun Run to register. You can also register the day of the race starting at 6:45am (but we won't be able to guarantee that you'll get one of our cool T-shirts if you wait, so sign up early!) Hope to see you all there!

For all you Angel Heart Mom's out there Please email me a picture, name, dates of birth and passing of your child. We are going to be doing something special with the photos. I will email you to let you in on the secret!

On the Home front: We had a really nice get away. Thanks to the Long Family for letting us use an amazing cabin. The James and Schaaf Families for tagging along, keeping us very busy, for the special memory box, the candle ceremony and balloon release. You are awesome friends. Aiden is on antibiotics for his leg and joints as they have found markers for lymes disease. He is doing well. Walking better and feeling much more like himself. He is not allowed to run, ride a bike or jump for several weeks. That has been our hardest struggle. Thanks for checking on us and come on out and walk with us (Notice I said walk! :) ) Terri and Crew

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Many people have warned me how hard these coming weeks would be but never did I realize how hard it truly was going to be. Lately I am close to tears each morning and it takes me a few hours to get myself together so entering the church I had not had time to compose myself and get my thoughts together. Then upon sitting down and opening the church bulletin what did I see the July Calendar with all the July birthdays. What struck me and caused a rush/flood of emotion was the empty spot of Corbin's Name in those July birthdays. Realization of the finality of his death hits once again. The ability to wipe a name off our calendar in one moment. A day and time I, and I pray that my family, will never forget but one that is easily erased from existance of all others. In one moment I realize where we are at and why were are here one year later. Barely able to breath and almost to the point of panic I left the church to regain my composure. I ask myself will these moments slow down and not affect me so. Then I cry harder to realize that then that would mean that it would be many years that I would have last seen my son. The empty ache in my arms overwhelms me and makes me feel like I have lead for limbs. With a rawness and ache so deeply we come upon the time when we had to say goodbye to Corbin. This time last year I was numb this year I am an open wound bleeding freely and not sure how to stop the blood loss.
How I miss him.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happenings in the Grabb household

Well, we have had a lot going on here.

The boys are finishing up soccer season. They have finished with the homeschool co op as well. They had their year end program and did just awesome. I wish we could have taped their sign language song. They were so cute!

We have registered Brodie up for Kindergarten at the local school. He is so very excited. He had a bus ride as well. I cried and cried to see my little boy get on that bus like a big boy.

We are still doing school through the summer to catch up.

I traveled to U of M for the memorial service for Corbin and the other babies at the hospital. That in itself is a whole update.

We have begun to remodel the bathrooms at the house which I am very excited about. Our community garden is growing very well. MC all your beans are growing great!!!!

Corbin's Memorial Run is getting geared up. We are in full swing with that. My sister did an awesome Heart Quilt that is beyond words that we are raffling off. The boys are crying about the quilt being raffled.

Well thats about it.

Try to update soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Year

It is hard to believe it has been One year that we took Corbin to the U of M. The emotions and the memories overwhelm me. How unaware I was of what was to come. How I had such faith that this was the surgery that Corbin would fly through as he had so much trouble in the past and this one he was facing at his strongest and felt the best about! Yet, now we look around us and see an empty space at the dinner table, in the car, everywhere, and especially in our hearts.

Yet, with all the emotion flowing through me I am happy for Corbin. As he has WON his fight with this disease! He is HEALED!!!! I can't wait to see him healed and running, playing and free of tubes!

And so we begin the next three months of harsh memories. Please keep us in your prayers as we try to only remember his wonderful time at home and not dwell on the sad memories of these times last year. May we remember the truth and God's promises to us that we WILL see him again!

God Bless,
Terri and Crew

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Corbin's Fun Run

With a lot of hard work from many great people in our lives we are able to announce the
First Annual Corbin Fun Run!!!!
July 21 2007
Race kicks off at Shelter A at Burke Lake Park, Burke VA
Please visit the website to register and if you have any questions please use the email link on the registration page
Thank you so much for all your support. Please pray that this event will go well and we can raise a lot of funds for CHD research!
God Bless,
Terri and Crew

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Disney Trip

Our family vacation to disney world.

Walt Disney Trip

Well we are back from our trip. It was a great time. Moments of complete sadness but overall it was tons of fun. I can't say relaxing as much walking and work it all was but it was wonderful to see the children having such a great time.

There were only a few times when the children and Travis and I were overwhelmed with tears from missing Corbin. We worked through it and still managed to enjoy our time. It was a real joy to see Gunnar with such an expression of excitement and pleasure on his face. I can't remember how long it has been that we have seen him relax and take the world of his shoulders.

Well, we will leave you with some photos, enjoy!

God Bless,


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Corbin's Fun Run

Hey, Keep checking in because we have a date, time and place for our first annual run to raise money for CHD!!!!

Many thanks to Diane, Hope, Diane, Jennifer and many others for working hard to make this happen. We are so excited as the date has worked out to be right after Corbin's birthday! We hope that many of you can join us.

Check out the website and stay tuned for registration!!!!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Congenital Heart Day

What does this day mean to you??? Does it mean Chocolate and Kisses, Love and Romance???

For our family that is what this day meant up until three years ago, now it means tiny broken hearts being mended. Hearts struggling to pump, little blue hands, feet and lips. Babies who struggle to even drink out of a bottle. Medications to give, blood pressure to check, heart rates and respiration's to be aware of. For us families coming home to empty cribs, car seats, and high chairs because their children's heart is now healed but that healing did not occur on this earth but in heaven. So now instead of their children's broken hearts they move forward with their broken heart.

Valentines Day for us will always remind us not of Love and Romance, Chocolate and Kisses but of the Warriors Who Fight so Bravely and the Families that Go on each day since their child's ultimate healing.

Terri and Family

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In a Funk

Lately I have been in a real funk. Missing Corbin so much that at times it is a physical pain. I am finding it hard to motivate myself to do what I need to do around the house and for the family. I am really dreading this trip to Florida! It is supposed to be one of joy but so far it has brought lots of pain! I miss my Dad and my son so much!

I hate feeling this way yet I can't seem to shake it off! When oh when will it all end! How I long for HEAVEN!!!!

On a funny note, Aiden has taken up a new trade! He has become a barber a not so good one according to our beautiful neighbor girls. Yes, he cut not only his own hair but also our two neighbor girls hair as well. YES, HE CUT OFF A SWEET GIRLS BANGS!!!!! It is never good when a babysitter calls you while you are out! The funny comment that he made to us was "Mom it just didn't turn out how I thought it would!"

I don't know about that kid!

Brodie managed to break his glasses, yes his glasses that I think they plated with gold since they cost so much!!!! The ones that they tell you are made for kids so they don't break!!!

Our insurance fight is still going on with Blue Cross and U of M. Apparently U of M has not received payment because Corbin is not insured??? He was removed from the policy and that removes them from the responsibility of paying. Yes, it has gotten ugly especially as I yell into the phone at the poor lady that the reason our son was removed from their policy is that he is dead!!!! Yes, I had the poor girl crying. U of M has been very good about waiting but can't file any more until they get this situation repaired. Corbin was insured and is covered but for some computer and human malfunction they view him as uninsured and not on the policy since he was removed in July of 2006!!! Yes, after his death which they did once they received the information from the hospital! Can I tell you how much I despise insurance companies and all the mess with it! The system really needs to change, not sure how but it does.

Well there is my funk!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Governer's Letter

We received an incredible letter in the mail from the Governor of Virginia. This letter states how sorry he is to hear of the loss of our son and what a great fighter he was for such a difficult disease he had. For the first time Virginia is participating in Congenital Heart Awareness week in Memory of CORBIN!!!! Yes, Governor Kaine signed a proclamation stating that February 7Th through February 14Th is Congenital Heart Awareness Week!!!! How awesome is that!!!!



Thanks for your love and support!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Planning Fun

We had our first Disney world planning event. We planned some fun things we are going to be doing while there. We are having an international dinner and dessert with VIP seating for the Illumination fireworks and laser show at Epcot. A character dinner event at Magic Kingdom. Lots of great things. The boys are really getting excited.

They were also very excited to spend some time with Mr. Army Pat yesterday too. He had sent some small BDU's for them and they were all dressed up and ready to play. Even Savannah wasn't going to miss out on all the fun!
We are also starting a new project of re modeling our basement! So life stays busy and we love it!
God Bless,
The Grabb's
Looking forward to our fun adventure in Disney!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well we have made the changes to Corbin's room. We cleaned it out. Gave away all his toys, bed and such. This is how it looked when he was alive! HOW I MISS THIS LOOK!!!!

This is how it looked after he passed away. Many of his toys just sitting out of site so they would be out of mind! This is the look that drove me absolutely crazy and kept the door shut to his room so whenever we walked by you just wouldn't be reminded of the sadness of it all.

So this is the current look. Our new classroom and office. One that we can remember Corbin in and yet not have the sadness of boxed up toys and his clothes packed away constantly reminding us of what we don't have here on this earth.

How do I feel about it???

Good, I feel that it was time and the sadness of the closed room needed to leave our home so we could move forward and heal more. Pray that we will find joy in the new room and make new memories while remembering the old.

Terri and crew

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yucky Flu!!!! And the New Year!

We are finally over the flu. It took us all a week to recover from the yucky violent flu virus. It was really nasty stuff. All five of us caught it. It doesn't help having the crazy emotions hit in the midst of being so sick. We made it through the new year. It is amazing how you can feel so bad about something as simple as a change in a calander year. Yet, it took us two days to recover from that date change.

Well, we are back to school and working on all our new projects again. The boys are doing great. Getting school done by 1pm every day so they can plenty of time to get out in the fresh air. It has been great weather here lately.

We are also working on a new project. We are finally clearing out Corbin's room. Yes, we are going through all his things and giving away his bed, toys, books, clothes and medical supplies. It hasn't been easy but we know that they will be going to great new homes. Some will be going to families within our church others will be donated to the Cheseapeke Center where Corbin had his speech and physical thereapy. His room will be transformed into our new classroom for the boys. We have also cleaned out the boys room and given them more space and an organized closet.

We will have to give you a pre and post view of the room. Corbin's room became a room that contained all of his things and was hard to walk through. It will be nice to have it become the classroom and spend time everyday in his room, in some ways it makes me feel better that we will be using it again and not just leaving it closed up.

Ending with a picture of Savannah opening her ornament from Christmas eve!

God Bless


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