Monday, September 21, 2009

Health Care Reform

I am opposed to health care reform and specifically government run health care.
What bothers me is that we would allow our goverment that has not had the ability to run military health care in any fashion that allows for quick and easy access and put that into place through out our country. No that is not wise. We would allow for the government to tell families that your child's life is not worth saving because of this illness or diagnosis. We would stop advances in medical treatments and researching for answers and cures in devestating life threatening illnesses. As research and treatments are expensive and cost verses life is what the government is placing a price tag on each child's life. How much is your child's life worth to you?

Do you realize that with this new plan you HAVE to open the door and allow the government into your home to inspect and determine if you have a safe and secure home for your child. That you are a capable parent. This to is written into the plan and being spoken of very little.

My sweet Aunt read the enire bill. Here is a short one page glimpse of just some of what is in the bill. This is not all of it just some. Please take the time to write to your congressman to voice your opinion.

(Approved August 1, 2009 by the House Energy and Commerce Committee)
Title I - Protections and Standards for Qualified Health Care Plans
- prohibits preexisting conditions
- establishes a Health Benefit Advisory Committee to determine what treatments are covered and how much
providers will be paid
- sets limits on how much health benefit is provided each year (individual and family)
- provides care "without regard to personal characteristics" (includes non-U.S. citizens, illegal or otherwise)
Title II - Health Insurance Exchange and Related Provisions
- mandates that medical services must be "culturally and linguistically appropriate"
- participating physicians must accept Federally established payment rates
Title IV - Amendments to Internal Revenue Code of 1986
- adds Section 59B "tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage"
- adds Section 59C - "surcharge on high income individuals"
Title I - Improving Health Care Value
- places a value ("value units") on doctors' time, professional judgment, technical skill, physical effort",etc.
- Sec. 1151 penalizes hospitals for "excess readmissions"
- payment to doctors is based on "outcomes of care" and "quality performance data"
- Sec. 1181 eliminates Medicare Part D coverage gap
- drug prices are largely set by the Federal government
Title II - Medicare Beneficiary Improvements
- every 5 years, those 65 and over MUST have "Advance Care Planning Consultations" about end of life care
- if health deteriorates, Advance Planning Consultations will be mandated more often
- Government-"specified interventions" will be limited (e.g., hydration, nutrition, medication, comfort care)
- the Federal government will oversee "marriage and family services"
- the Federal government will oversee "mental health counseling services"
- the Federal government will investigate nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities (termed "transparency")
- the Federal government will investigate hospice programs
- the Federal government will establish hospital residency requirements and give preference to compliant
- Medicaid eligibility will increase to 133-1/3% of Federal poverty level
- fees will be levied on issuers of private health insurance policies as well as on self-insured health plans
- home visitation will be conducted in homes with young children or who are expecting children
Title I,II,III - Community Health Centers, Workforce, Prevention and Wellness
- the Federal government will establish new bureaucracies and institutions, including Community Health
Centers, Public Health Training Centers, School-Based Health Clinics, the National Health Service
Corps (regular and reserve), the Public Health Workforce Corps, the Nursing Workforce, and others
- the various workforces will receive scholarships and loans, and will be recruited from "community-based
organizations", such as ACORN, not from the existing medical personnel in the United States
- the Federal government will be involved in training primary care physicians, nurses, and dentists
- health care professionals must have "cultural and linguistic competency training"
Title IV, V - Quality and Surveillance
- the Federal government will establish a Center for Quality Improvement, to "evaluate best clinical practices"
- a new position will be created for the Assistant Secretary for Health Information
- the government will limit funding to States "based on compliance...with all provisions"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... And Many other creepy crawly creatures


These are the types of things I wish I never got to meet in life!

I find these little animals in little boys pockets...
I find them in my bathroom along with some other friends the kind that don't have legs and terrify me!
I find frogs, toads, cicada's and many many more crazy animals, bugs and reptiles.... Oh my!

They really really need a baby sister!
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Where O where are you??

Summer, Where did you go? I know you were here but you quickly vanished before our very own eyes!

We have been busy doing things like this

and a little of this...

And of course some of our favorite past time....

Come back to us Summer!!! We are not ready for our friend Fall to show up!

Terri and Family

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Well, in four short days summer will begin for the boys. We have Aiden and Gunnar taking a week of Basketball camp and then we have a week at the beach but otherwise we will be hanging out just lazing around the house, pool and parks. I am sure we will find a lot to do even though we have little scheduled.

I am working now with the day care. I have three cute kids. Working on adding one more family. So we will see how that goes. So far the kids I have are really great.

Travis is still working hard to find a job or even buy a business. This economy is tough. So keep praying folks we need a job for my sweet hubby.

The boys have finished up testing and all the year end events with it. We watched Brodie in his Goin' Buggy Play, Aiden had his many year end field trips and Gunnar's class had their Virginia Day activities. I am not sure why we have to send them for four days of play but so be it.

That's all that has been happening. Nice and quiet on this front. Praying for a job or great business opportunity for Travis.

All our Love,
Terri and Crew

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Nothing much has really been going on here. Travis is still searching for a job. It has been 5 months since he worked at United. We have 1 month left to the severance package they gave him. He has a couple of leads he is working on. We are praying that they work out.

I just received my license for Day Care so that is set up and will start with my first family in two weeks. So that should help us as well until the time comes when Travis is working again.

The boys are finishing up school. Taking their SOL testing and really ready for summer to begin. We have some camping trips planned and some fun outings that we can't wait to go on.

Otherwise not much going on. Please pray Travis gets a job/

Thanks Everyone.
T and Crew

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


These past few days I have been really missing my sweet Corbin. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with emotion of it all and not sure why. I wake up and see his sweet bear and memory box on the top of our dresser. His sweet picture of me and his brothers and just want to cry for what isnt and what was, wishing to have just one more moment in time with him. You would think this far out those feelings would not be so overwhelming.

The boys did great for the invention fair. Aiden was REALLY sick and was out of it. He ended up with Strep throat as well, but of course things did not go well when he took his medication. He had a terrible allergic reaction and ended up on some serious antihistamines to counter react the reaction so when he had to present his invention he was loopy! Brodie stepped up and spoke for him and they ended up receiving a silver ribbon. Aiden and Brodie invented silverware that told you the temperature of food so you knew when it was safe to take a bite.

Gunnar did great. Him and his friend received a Gold ribbon for their invention. They invented a Game Charging Station and Tracker. I was suprised as both boys are known for being so soft spoken and NEVER speak up. So this was great practice for them to learn that adults are not scary and they can talk to them.

Gunnar is turning 10 on Monday!! Can you believe that? I can't it is hard to believe my oldest is now in the double digets.

Travis is still working hard at finding a new job. So far nada but as we say you only need one so we trust God and know it will be out there.

Take care everyone,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strep, Strep and More Strep!!!

Brodie enjoys being sick way to much!! He loves snuggling on the couch. Getting to stay home with Mom and Dad. He just takes it all in and enjoys it.
He is still sick with strep we are trying another type of antibiotic and praying this one does the job.
We also have Gunnar on crutches. He has a bad sprain to his foot and is not to use it for a few weeks.
They had a great time Jump Roping for Hearts. I have some pictures loaded on my camrea that I will get posted soon. Next week they have the invention fair and I will post that soon as well.

Love you all.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our Friend Strep

We love having company and friends over. This friend that is visiting is not a welcomed guest. This guest is the kind that not only does things like pee on your toilet seat, but also overstays his welcome, eats all your groceries and makes disgusting noises at the dinner table.
Our lovely unwanted uninvited guest strep is here. We are still awaiting for the Doctor to call to tell us if others in the family have been affected by this visit. (remember last year we had this guest visiting for over a year, talk about overstaying your welcome) Poor Brodie has the fever, sore throat, stomach ache,head ache and the worst is the full body rash with itching as well. Talk about miserable!

On the fun side of things all three boys are in the invention fair this year. They will present their inventions the end of this month and are so excited about it. Gunnar and Aiden are also jumping for American Heart Association. This year the boys amazing P.E. teacher has made the Jump Rope for Heart in memory of Corbin. He has the whole school participating.

Well that is about it for the Gang!

Off to snuggle and love on my little guy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Recovery

Brodie is doing much better now that his system has cleaned out the prednisone. He was really sick for some time. He had fevers that would come and go for days. He was placed on three seperate antibiotics over a weeks time because of how many infections hit his little body from no immune system. He has recovered and is back at school this week. Thank you very much!

The other boys are doing great as well as Travis. They had their go cart class and received their license they were so excited. They can't wait to go back for more.

Take Care Everyone,

Also we posted our adoption update on the other website. Please feel free to email me to get that website as it requires an invitation to read.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year, Another ER Visit!!

The Drama of it all! Brodie became sick with his asthma symptoms after Christmas. I was not able to keep him from coughing and breathing well with just the nebulizer and inhaled steroid. So the Doctor prescribed an oral steroid. The next day we saw a huge change in Brodie, he was breathing much better but complaining of stomach pain, mouth pain. The next day was even worse with more drama of behavior as well. Uncontrolled crying and weeping stopped eating and overall just not doing well. By Saturday he was still complaining so I took him to the Dollar theathre to distract him while there he started screaming in pain about head. We could not get him under control so we took him to the ER. We found out that Brodie had been overdosed in prednisone. It has whipped out his immune system and caused thrush, double ear infections and the stomach pain, crawling skin, low pottasium which was causing his heart rate to be to high and beat unevenly, high blood pressure, and severe mood swings. So they flushed his system with IV fluids and took him off the medication, he is now on antibiotics and should get better quickly. Just a little Drama for the New Year.

Hope everyone has a great New Year!

Terri and Crew

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