Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crazy Weeks

We had a few crazy weeks here lately. Corbin became ill with the Croup which began the round of illness. We then had a virus begin which is when Corbin stopped drinking or eating. We then realized his g tube site was not working and was actually infected. Then we had Brodie who begin feeling ill and go into breathing problems requiring nebulizer treatments. Then to add more fun to the entire crazy weeks Travis was out of town during part of this time. Yes, it really was that crazy and at times I was not sure if I was coming or going.

Things are much better now and we are happy to report that everyone is well once again. We are feeding Corbin with bolus feedings after learning that he was not receiving adequate liquids to keep him hydrated even on the best of his eating days when he was well. He is up to 4 ounces at a time. We have changed him to neocate 1 plus which is 30 calories an ounce. Today he went into the peds office and received his synergis shot. They asked that I bring in his oxygen as he "scares them" according to the nurse. So off we went today, weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds! Yes, according to their scale he gained a pound and 12 ounces this past month. What fluids, some extra calories, and bolus feedings can do for a guy!

We topped off our crazy week with dealing with a three year old that is still fighting enemia and VERY whiney! After putting on his socks to leave for the doctor three times he was placed into the car without socks or shoes. Rushing off and Grand Penny watching the boys in the car while I helped hold Corbin down for his yucky shot, I forgot my purse. Then having to drive all the way back home to get my purse to then go and find a fax machine to fax off Corbin's prescriptions a second time as they did not get enough information the first time. Only to have the fax not go through after five attempts. We then went on in our errands to try to replace Brodie's glasses after having them only a little over a week they are already broken. Unfortantely they were to busy today to see us even though I did call ahead and so we did not get them fixed. So after spending three hours out with four children, all not really wanting to be going from store to store, I finally gave up and came home. Another day without making it to the grocery store! Just did not have the energy to face that after such a frustrating morning. We did accomplish one thing today. Corbin had his speech therapy today! Crazy weeks and Crazy days! I know that there will be many more crazy days and weeks to come.
God Bless from the Crazy Grabb Family

Monday, January 16, 2006

Mary Catherine one of Corbin's wonderful nurses came for the weekend. We had a great time. Did lots of shopping, decorated the boys room finally, and spent lots of time playing with boys. The boys really love Mary Catherine and love all her visits. Brodie asks every day when she is coming back to play some more. Thank you Mary Catherine for the great visit. We love you!  Posted by Picasa
Mary Catherine came to visit. We had a wonderful time. Corbin enjoyed many new tastes such as wipped cream. Not sure how many calories there are but he sure loved it.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Broken Hearts

As we entered into the world of CHD never did we dream we would have to watch so many of our friends lose their children to this disease. We are really heart broken for them. It is hard to understand or imagine what they are going through. Yet also what comes to mind is that it just as easily could have been Corbin. I am not sure why we are the ones who are blessed but try to always remember that each moment each day is so very special and treasure each moment.

As we grieve over the loss of our beautiful heart friend Loghan. We also have to plan Corbin's next surgery. For now our date is April 13th. We will arrive on April 10th, have preop on the 11th, and the Cath is the 12th. Surgery will be the 13th.

For now we enjoy each moment and try to forget what looms ahead.

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