Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This Week

This week has been a hard one for us. It seems just when you feel things can't feel any worse it does. The tears come easily for Travis and I. We miss Corbin greatly as the holidays approach. We feel the knot in our stomach and the ache in our hearts.

How is it that a person can hurt so much and still be alive?

Terri and Family

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tick Bites and Head Injuries

Having recovered from our camping adventure and strep throat virus. We found other ways to entertain ourselves.

Travis went to Conneticut for a few days and returned Tuesday night. Wednesday we found a tick that had a rash around it on Brodie. So we had to go to the Doctor again and have it removed. He is being covered by antiobiotics due to the rash being a first symptom of Lymes.

Later that same day, Aiden built a ramp for his bike and had an accident. He was out for a few and very disoriented and confused. He could not walk or even see. So as the symptoms became worse it required a trip to the ER! So off we went to have a CAT scan. We had to stay for several hours as he was observed. Thankfully, nothing broken or bleeding in his noggin and just had swelling so only a concussion. We are now trying to keep him quiet and stop the others from wrestling around or hurting his head.

Yes, I do feel the need for a quiet hotel room with bubbles and a nice book all alone after a week like this!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

What do you do????

When all three of your children have strep throat??? Of course you set up a tent in the back yard and go camping!

To keep our sanity and find a way to break the boredom in the house as we are not allowed around others we set up a tent and went camping in our back yard. As the day was nice and hot, the night turned into a wind storm with heavy downpours. Yes, we did not plan that well. We did enjoy a campfire with marshmallows, roasted hot dogs on the fire and songs. As we sat around and told our favorite memories of Corbin.

Travis, I am sure will never want to sleep in his own bed again after such a wonderful night of sleeping out doors in the rain and damp cold. It was glorious! The boys were snuggled down in their sleeping bags noticing nothing of the cold. That is except Brodie who could not sleep in his as he kept falling out of it! :) And everyone managed to stay dry except for Travis' shoes. Somehow his shoes were under the only leak in the tent and all the water poured into his shoes! Yes, it was slightly humorous to all of us. It actually saved the boys from being wet!

Hopefully soon we can again get out and about as this virus completes its course.

Take Care,
Happy Camping!!!
Terri and Family

Monday, November 06, 2006

Heart Walk Update

I wanted to give a re-cap of the Heart Walk that TenderHearts did in Memory of Corbin. They did an awesome job. We put together a short video of the day and events. It started out at 8am for Beckie. She worked so hard to put together this day for all of us. Her efforts were amazing. We arrived to find a huge banner that had the boys walking through our yard and Corbin and I’s picture on it. It was incredible. I don’t think I will ever be able to describe how loved our family felt that day. Thank you to all who came out, to the many who donated and the many who supported us.

We made shirts for the children and handed out buttons that said Fight CHD with Corbin’s picture. The weather was great, yes a little on the chilly side but wonderfully sunny. We ended the day with lunch at Brione’s Grille, with many laughs as sweet Kate Yawney named her veggies and Zachary Steele showed his amazing spunk. Then, as we felt the day couldn’t have been any better Tender Hearts presented us with a Tree of Hope. This tree had special ornaments made in memory of Corbin from the families that walked. It was the most beautiful gift we have ever received. We have it up in our dining room and may never take it down. Each ornament was selected and given with such love. Thank you so much. We love each ornament and find joy in each one that you have given us.

On one ornament had a story written on it by our good friend Diane James. She wrote exactly how we see our son’s life. No other words could say it better than hers so we wanted to share those words she wrote with you. Thank you again Diane.

“Before God formed Corbin in his mother’s womb,
He determined a specific plan and purpose for Corbin’s life.
God didn’t plan a long life for Corbin on earth,
But He gave Corbin a very big job, one only Corbin could do.
In less than two years, this little boy taught people some very big lessons.
He taught people how to care deeply for one another.
He taught people how to sacrifice for loved ones.
He taught people how to persevere.
He taught people how to find joy in pain and suffering.
He taught people where to find God and how to pray fervently to him.
He taught people around the globe how to unite in prayer.
He taught people that a man’s days are like grass
And that our only real hope is in heaven.
Corbin went to heaven before us, but those who hope in Him
Will spend eternity with Corbin when God calls us home.
And in the meantime, Corbin is basking
In the sweet presence of our Savior.
Praise be to God.”

With much love, hope and prayers,
The Grabb Family

Thursday, November 02, 2006

This week

We have had an amazingly busy week!

I took the boys to Cox farm with Hope and Diane. All 10 of the kids (yes we really took 10) had a great time. Travis took the boys to the harvest carnival at chruch Tuesday. Wednesday they had their soccer tournament. They did awesome. Gunnar and Aiden's team won 2 and tied one. Brodie's team won one and tied two. Today they have co op and scare crow making for our new garden thanks to Gary (Travis Dad). Then Friday we prepare the house for company. Saturday the Heart walk, and Sunday Travis and I have box seats for the Redskins and Cowboys game. Nothing much is really going on here! :)

I have posted photos of Corbin's Monument. It was placed yesterday. It turned out well.

As I said we have the heart walk that Tender Hearts is doing in memory of Corbin this Saturday. They have done an awesome job. So far they have raised over 14,000 and have over 80 people walking.

Thanks for checking in
Terri and Crew
Corbin's favorite bear and blanket etched on the monument.  Posted by Picasa
Corbin's Monument Placed Nov 1st 2006 Posted by Picasa

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