Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Corbin's Fun Run

Hey, Keep checking in because we have a date, time and place for our first annual run to raise money for CHD!!!!

Many thanks to Diane, Hope, Diane, Jennifer and many others for working hard to make this happen. We are so excited as the date has worked out to be right after Corbin's birthday! We hope that many of you can join us.

Check out the website and stay tuned for registration!!!!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Congenital Heart Day

What does this day mean to you??? Does it mean Chocolate and Kisses, Love and Romance???

For our family that is what this day meant up until three years ago, now it means tiny broken hearts being mended. Hearts struggling to pump, little blue hands, feet and lips. Babies who struggle to even drink out of a bottle. Medications to give, blood pressure to check, heart rates and respiration's to be aware of. For us families coming home to empty cribs, car seats, and high chairs because their children's heart is now healed but that healing did not occur on this earth but in heaven. So now instead of their children's broken hearts they move forward with their broken heart.

Valentines Day for us will always remind us not of Love and Romance, Chocolate and Kisses but of the Warriors Who Fight so Bravely and the Families that Go on each day since their child's ultimate healing.

Terri and Family

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In a Funk

Lately I have been in a real funk. Missing Corbin so much that at times it is a physical pain. I am finding it hard to motivate myself to do what I need to do around the house and for the family. I am really dreading this trip to Florida! It is supposed to be one of joy but so far it has brought lots of pain! I miss my Dad and my son so much!

I hate feeling this way yet I can't seem to shake it off! When oh when will it all end! How I long for HEAVEN!!!!

On a funny note, Aiden has taken up a new trade! He has become a barber a not so good one according to our beautiful neighbor girls. Yes, he cut not only his own hair but also our two neighbor girls hair as well. YES, HE CUT OFF A SWEET GIRLS BANGS!!!!! It is never good when a babysitter calls you while you are out! The funny comment that he made to us was "Mom it just didn't turn out how I thought it would!"

I don't know about that kid!

Brodie managed to break his glasses, yes his glasses that I think they plated with gold since they cost so much!!!! The ones that they tell you are made for kids so they don't break!!!

Our insurance fight is still going on with Blue Cross and U of M. Apparently U of M has not received payment because Corbin is not insured??? He was removed from the policy and that removes them from the responsibility of paying. Yes, it has gotten ugly especially as I yell into the phone at the poor lady that the reason our son was removed from their policy is that he is dead!!!! Yes, I had the poor girl crying. U of M has been very good about waiting but can't file any more until they get this situation repaired. Corbin was insured and is covered but for some computer and human malfunction they view him as uninsured and not on the policy since he was removed in July of 2006!!! Yes, after his death which they did once they received the information from the hospital! Can I tell you how much I despise insurance companies and all the mess with it! The system really needs to change, not sure how but it does.

Well there is my funk!


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