Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeah New Look!!!!

So I finally got around to giving our blog a new look! I customized it myself and did a pretty good job I must say! :)

We are all doing great! The run went wonderful. I did not get to enjoy it as much this year as last as I was working my tail off and it was over before I new it. Then we had a whirl wind day. We did Corbin's birthday butterfly release with everyone that afternoon as well so it was a non stop weekend. Hopefully I can put pictures up soon. Jewel took some amazing photos that I LOVE of Brodie and at the cemetery at the butterfly release.

We are off for a month leaving Dad to work while the boys and I take a summer fling before school starts.

So we will update on our adventures when we get back and hopefully by then the photographer will have the photos ready.

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