Friday, October 05, 2007

Hey Hi Everyone!!!!

Just a short Hello to let you know we are all doing ok!

We had a small adventure as many of you heard about! While watching a friend do an adventure quest race at the local park we had a small emergency. Gunnar fell on a SNAKE and of course it was poisonous and OF COURSE it bit him! So off we went to spend a few days in the wonderful Fairfax Hotel! A short vacation for Travis, Gunnar and I. He is doing alright. His arm and wound is healing well. He did require antivenom to be administered, through out the entire event he was stable.

We are getting back on track and into a routine.

We also have finalized the Logo for the Foundation! So all you logo buyers out there, here is the website that you can buy logo gear from and a profit of the sales will go toward the foundation which we will send the money of for CHD research!

CMG Heart Foundation Store at CafePress!

Corbin's Fun Run Store at CafePress!

We also had the great pleasure of visiting the new Children's hospital. It was great. They did a fabulous job and it will be opening very soon!


Corbin's Fun Run Store

CMG Heart Foundation Awareness Store