Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Time

Well our little boys are all in school. Yes, all three are going to Clifton Elementary these days. I know some of you just fell off your seats.

Gunnar LOVES school at Clifton. He is enjoying his teacher, classmates and the work. Brodie is so funny about school. He told us after his first day, "My Bus Driver is CRAZY!" She keeps stopping the bus and I slide off the seat. Aiden is having some what of a hard time adjusting to school. We are working through a lot of anxiety that has surfaced. He told us that he is afraid when he leaves me someone else will die. Heart breaking that our 6 year old son is so afraid to leave me because of the fear someone else he knows will die. He has a great counselor, teacher and staff to support him. I am attending the school to do lunch time and recess with him. I am sure soon he will learn that when Mommy leaves him somewhere it doesn't mean that someone is dying.

Brodie as usual has much to say. Yesterday he came off the bus to tell me he "I invited a chick over to play with me Mom! I can't remember her name but she is a girl!" Got to love that crazy kid. He is also learning about Bears. His homework was to learn two bear facts. The only bear fact we seem to get out of him is "Bears poop like this!" along with a demonstration. I am praying he has NOT shared this fact at school.

I am still teaching Astronomy at the Church co op on Thursdays. Now, volunteering at the school, and staying busy. Travis has found his past love of Mountain biking and started that up with the boys again. They are building jumps, "skinnys" and many other contraptions to ride on. I would love to see them take up Olympic knitting or some other boring calm sport. I dare say there is no such luck in that.

Well that is all that is going on at the Grabb Zoo.
Terri for all

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jason's Fontan

As many of you know we are very close to the York family. Jason had his Fontan on wednesday. It was scary. Jason has never had an easy course and has undergone 6 surgeries. With his blood disorder it has been very difficult to operate on this young man. We have kept in close contact with Rachel and Mike. So after Jason's rocky start with the Fontan it was decided that I would fly up and spend some time with Rachel. Jason turned the corner and is doing very well. He needs to finish draining from his chest tubes and then will be sent home.

Here is a slide show of our Jason during his Fontan. How we love the Yorks and are so excited that Jason is doing well.

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