Friday, February 03, 2006

Crazy things kids say and do!

Gunnar was walking around the house and Travis asked what he was listening to Gunnar replied "Jesus!"

Aiden was talking with Jennyce our Monday helper and told her that he was also having teeth troubles. His were falling out because he was getting to old!

Brodie was sitting on the couch with me and started crying because "God made his feet stinky!" It was hard not to laugh as I comforted him and explained that feet do get stinky in socks and shoes all day when you are a sweaty boy!

Corbin has officially earned his Doctorate in Teasing! As we corrected him for hitting Brodie. He then tried just to lightly hit, then corrected again. Which then he tried to poke at him, so we corrected him AGAIN. Then he proceeded to almost poke him. We were laughing at how smart he was and advanced his teasing skills are. When Travis walks through the front door he always announces his presence loudly. Corbin replies "MAMA"! Travis is convinced he is doing it now to tease him.

As for an update on us, we are all feeling much better. Corbin has fallen into a routine of accepting 5 ounce bolus feedings four times a day. This is a HUGE step for him. He does get sick on occasion but overall seems to do well for them. He is gaining weight well on this new plan. We realize now that, Corbin was not drinking nearly enough on his good days to stay hydrated. He has a long ways to go but something we will not worry about now. He still only says Mama to everyone, but is now imitating some signs. He did say the op sound the other day so we are getting some other sounds.

We posted new photos of the Corbin and the boys from the warm weather outside. Brodie is to funny as he sits in the sled. Not really understanding why it doesn't work without the snow. Corbin loves all being outside but did not like touching the grass when he falls. He also had his first taste of sand from the sandbox. I am sure that is not his last.

Hope all have a wonderful week and God Bless.
Terri and Crew

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