Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

Well, in four short days summer will begin for the boys. We have Aiden and Gunnar taking a week of Basketball camp and then we have a week at the beach but otherwise we will be hanging out just lazing around the house, pool and parks. I am sure we will find a lot to do even though we have little scheduled.

I am working now with the day care. I have three cute kids. Working on adding one more family. So we will see how that goes. So far the kids I have are really great.

Travis is still working hard to find a job or even buy a business. This economy is tough. So keep praying folks we need a job for my sweet hubby.

The boys have finished up testing and all the year end events with it. We watched Brodie in his Goin' Buggy Play, Aiden had his many year end field trips and Gunnar's class had their Virginia Day activities. I am not sure why we have to send them for four days of play but so be it.

That's all that has been happening. Nice and quiet on this front. Praying for a job or great business opportunity for Travis.

All our Love,
Terri and Crew

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