Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally an Update


I figured I had better give a real update on how we are all doing.

We have finally gotten rid of the strep virus from our home. I had thought that it would never leave after it lived here for almost 18 months but it is gone! Gunnar will need to have his tonsils and adnoids out but we will face that this summer maybe if I have the courage to schedule it. I hate the thought of him going through the surgery so we have been very hesitant to put him through it.

The boys are all doing great. Gunnar received an award for his invention at the Innovation and Invention Fair. Aiden is in a play that is coming up in school. Brodie has decided that he wants to learn and is taking off in learning his letters and desires to read! I never thought it would happen but it is, he is growing up.

All three boys are taking Piano lessons from a wonderful young lady that graciously comes to our home and gives them lessons. Brodie LOVES it. He tells everyone that he can't have play dates after school anymore because he needs to go home to practice his piano.

We are grateful spring has arrived. The boys are staying outside until dark and have stopped destroying the house and are now back to their antics of yard play, sword fighting, dirt bike riding, building jumps, swinging on vines and all other wild and crazy things they can come up with. Travis is right there with them encouraging and following along with them as well. I really need adult supervision around here at times! :)

Travis is racing one weekend a month throughout spring and summer. Hopefully we will get the chance to go see him race (If I get the courage up). The boys are wanting to sign up for swim team this year so we will possibly be doing that with them. I have not made up my mind. I love to have my summers off so we can travel so I am not yet ready to give them up.

We are in full swing with Corbin's Fun Run 2008. It is officially up and running. We have our first four sponsors, the date set for July 19th, the park reserved again. So I have been busy with that along with taxes and paperwork for the IRS and accountant as well. I am hoping to spend the day doing scrapbooks with Penny in April but we will see.

For spring break we went to the movies, visited a local farm, went swimming, had a day of dental work done (teeth took a major hit from the high dose antibiotics they were on) went on an egg hunt, birthday parties, and colored easter eggs. I was disappointed that I did not get a pajama day! :( Brodie was sad that he did not get to the nature center. Just not enough time to do it all!

This month we will be going to Ohio to spend the weekend with my sister's family in a water park. We usually spend spring break together but this year had seperate weeks so we made a weekend date instead. Everyone is looking forward to that.

Travis has been working, volunteering and helping our with ALPHA at our church Sovereign Grace of Fairfax and spending lots of time playing in the garage fixing up his car.

So thats what we have been up to! Sorry for the lack of updates.

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