Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 27th

Hello Family and Friends,

We are doing very well. We celebrated Brodie's birthday last month and Aiden's this month. We have gone to the pumpkin patch as well as the air and space museum with some friends from church. Plus keeping up with home school and Corbin's doctor's appointments. Travis spent a few weekends out of town for weddings and car stuff. So we have been a little busy.

Corbin has started on his fourth ear infections and bronchitis. He started out this past weekend with croup but slowly it turned into something more. We are really happy with how well he is handling this illness. Only once during this illness was he close to us taking him to the hospital. Since that night he has not gotten any worse and slowly is getting better. This illness has helped us in making a decision on seeing an audiologist. We are taking him on November 8th to see an ENT specialist and audiologist. Please pray for his infection to be gone. They are going to try to determine if the infection is clearing totally or if it is just not going away with the antibiotics we are using. They are also going to look at how he swallows. Corbin will only hold his bottle laying flat on his back to drink his milk. He still has not mastered a sipper cup so we are working on that skill. Him laying on his back can be a cause for the infections from him not swallowing correctly. We are also going to check to see if his hearing is alright from his many procedures. Also document his language delay in hopes that this will help us get approval for speech therapy for him from our insurance.
We have been monitoring his blood pressure from home now. He is holding steady at 30 degree difference between arms and legs. That is great news! We have also started the RSV shots (synergis). Because insurance only paid for Nov through February, our pediatrician paid for his October shot! They are a truly amazing group of doctors. We are also planning a family mini vacation to Williamsburg VA in early December. Hope all is going well with you. Please pray we can have a hospital free winter. We are truly blessed to have so many care and love our son. Thank you for your love. For those that would like a wallet size picture of Corbin, please email me your address at
Thank you and God Bless, Terri and Family

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18th

Today we went to the pediatrician office for the flu shots and check up. Corbin is still not at 20 lbs he is so close, 19 lbs 6 ozs. He is still struggling with a cold and infection so he was not able to get his flu shot today. We hope he will be better in November. We also had to postpone Brodie's flu shot as well. Gunnar, Aiden and I received ours!

We also received approval finally for the synergis shots. Those are to protect against RSV. He will begin receiving those in November as well. He was to get that next week but since he is ill and on antibiotics again we have to wait.

Another round with the insurance that has finally been cleared up is the therapy. He has been approved again to restart physical therapy. We will have to have a re-evaluation to determine if he needs other services as well. This is supposed to begin next week we will have to see.

Also we are supposed to take him to see an Audiologist for hearing tests. This has been difficult for Travis and I. Neither one of us wants to add another Doctor onto the list and also put Corbin through any more of this then necessary. We also are unsure if he truly needs it or is just delayed in making real speech. So we have been putting this off. Please pray for us to make the correct decision on this. We are also supposed to see a neurologist but have decided to put this off as well. We are not sure that this is really necessary for Corbin. Please pray that these are the correct decision we are making and that he continues to make progress in his development and speech.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
The Grabb's

Thursday, October 06, 2005

King of The Hill! I love to dump and climb!  Posted by Picasa

Corbin's first Hair Cut!!! Yes he cried so hard for this. He doesn't cry for blood draws or chest x-rays but will for a hair cut! It was hard to not laugh and try and console him since we found this so funny, after all he has been through he was afraid of his hair getting cut! Posted by Picasa

Getting into trouble again! Loves dumping out all his medical supplies so we can pick them up and start again. Thankfully they are all in their own sterilized packages and this is harmless! :)  Posted by Picasa

Our Wild Boy

Just wanted to show you what are new, on the move boy is doing lately. He is keeping me VERY busy. Even with two ear infections. He is sleeping a lot more. We have been on the phone with the cardiology and they will be doing an EKG on Thursday to check heart function. We have some more room to go up on his digoxin if his heart function is down some.

His favorite things to do are climb onto the fireplace ledge and sit next to it! Good thing its summer! He now loves to dump out any containers of toys he can find! And then try to climb on top of them. His brothers help him with the climbing by taking the cushions off the couch so he can climb up the couch and sit on the couch. He also loves the kitchen lazy suzan. He opens the cupboard and swipes everything out of it and then proceeds to climb right in!

He is just to funny. Never really thought about him being so normal and just lived day by day for so long that know that we are at a place where we can easily forget that he has a serious heart problem. Life is good to be able to forget.

We would like to ask for prayers for a hospital free winter! Also for friends of ours, Faith Harris had some very serious complications to her heart catherization which put her into emergency open heart surgery. Please pray for their family. You can follow their journey through the care page by going to and then typing in the name faithharris. Also for my very dear friend who has sent out many an update to the prayer chain. She is expecting her first little girl in just a few weeks. What a long road this has been for her and Zach. Please pray for a safe and painfree delivery for Stacey and for Baby Erin to be strong and healthy.

Thank you and God Bless each of you.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sick Today

Well, Corbin has a cold and is doing well with it but after a LONG night of screaming we fear once again he has an ear infection. We are taking him in to the doctor today and hoping that they can figure out why he is so uncomfortable.

We will let everyone know how he is doing later,

We have returned from the Doctor. They did confirm that he does infact have ear infections in both ears. Both ear drums have ruptured as well. So they are placing him on antibiotics and drops to heal the ears. Praying that this does not become a pattern for him with his ears.

Will let you know how he does and update again real soon.

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