Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas oh my...

Where oh where has the time gone!!! I know when my parents told me that as they got older they felt the fast forward button was being pressed on time but I never took them serious. Well, now I completely understand what they mean by that. Oh my goodness has it flown.

They boys are doing fabulous. We have had a great school year so far. Can you believe we are just one month shy of finishing a half a year!

We have taken our Christmas photos as well. Here is a little picture of the boys christmas picture.

Getting all three boys to take a group picture is so hard now that I have a TWEEN yes, we have a boy who thinks he should be a teenager, oh my ( I am not ready for this stage) I have to tell him exactly how many times the flash will go off and then he is done! So needless to say this child can't stand posing for our Christmas picture time.

So here is our Tween, our book lover, he always has his nose in a book! He loves autobiographies, reading about history, mysteries, and adventure stories.

Here is our sweet little crazy boy. He always seems to find trouble. I am sure it follows him around his friend destruction. He is so funny and loves adventure. He is always on the full blast and never slows down. You got to love his love for life he has A LOT of it! : )

This little guy is growing up so fast. He has learned all his letter and sounds this year. He is now reading as well. What happened to our little guy, who told him he could grow up so fast! This little guy loves to have his picture taken and is always asking for that as well. So getting this cute face on film is so easy besides him being cute he will pose for hours for you.

So next year we hope to have added to our family by one or two more God willing. You can follow our adoption story on our other website. Due to privacy issues that blog is not open to everyone. So email us if you would like to be included in receiving those updates. We are doing great and excited to see what this next year brings.

God bless and May you have a wonderful Christmas this year and many blessings.
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