Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two Months

Yes, it really has been two whole months since Corbin joined Jesus in heaven. Its hard to believe we have made it through two months without him with us here.

We are getting by. Travis has been staying busy with his Auto Cross Racing. He actually won a trophy! Gunnar and Aiden have begun home school. They start a weekly co op class here soon, that I am volunteering to serve at. All three boys will begin soccer on Wednesdays. I am coaching Brodie's team. They also begin Awana's next week. So we will be busy with their school activities. I am staying busy by painting our home and yard work. Something that really needed to be done but never was able to get to.

We are doing a few things to honor Corbin's strength and courage during his fight against CHD. We are making bracelets and necklaces that the boys refer to Corbin's Heart. They are simple with just a leather band and a heart pendant. We will be selling them on our family website to raise money for CHD and families. We are also walking in the American Heart Walk this November 4th in Washington DC. The local heart group here in our area who has supported and cared for our family is honoring Corbin by walking in his memory this year.

The boys are still making Corbin's Lovies that they are dropping off at the hospitals for the babies. Something they enjoy making and doing to bring other babies comfort too.

So we are staying busy and fully relying on God to bring us through the hardest time we have ever faced.

Terri and Family

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cobra Club Teammates Shine At Summer Sizzler Autocross

WILEY FORD, WV � Virginian Travis Grabb drove his way into the spotlight at the National Road Autosport Summer Sizzler Autocross, fourth leg the 2006 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

The sports car weekend began with a special Friday night Devil's Duel Shoot Out between Steel Town Corvette and Capital Area Cobra Club. Led by Pittsburgher Rob Harris, the bow-tie brigade captured the evening's club contest, but Grabb got hot in his Factory Five Cobra during the Eliminator Bracket and won a coveted National Road "Iceburg Trophy" as the King of The Hill eliminator.

Saturday's sold-out autocross featured a tight battle for Fast Time of the Day (FTD) with the Top Five separated by less than nine-tenths of a second. The Cumberland-based Reynards of John Felten and Greg Honeycutt claimed first and second. Third place went to the Porsche RSR of Bob Williams, Clinton, VA. Grabb showed that his Friday results were not a fluke, flying into fourth, .151 seconds ahead of crowd favorite Dennis Howard (Eldersburg, MD) and his yellow Porsche 996 TT.

As Sunday dawned, Wade Chamberlain had little to show for a weekend in which he was consistently knocking on the door - having the fastest car all night at the Devil's Duel only to spin in the finals of the Eliminator Bracket, and setting the fastest time on two different runs on Saturday, only to clip cones on both. He finally broke through to win FTD on Sunday, holding off the flying Feltens in second and third. DC area SCCA standout Brian Hair was fourth in his ASP BMW M-Coupe. Bob Williams made it a Top Five double for the weekend, edging out Howard.

Double winners in contested classes on Saturday and Sunday included Howard (SS Porsche), Alan Pozner (DS Acura), Andy Lindner (GS Dodge), Rob Robeson (HS Dodge), Wood Hair (CSP BMW), Tim Eisel (EM Porsche), Karl Loper (SM Camaro) and Bob Williams (SM2 Porsche).

Local contested class winners included Steve Hotchkiss (Saturday AS Corvette), Pete Harrison (Sunday AS Honda), Bill Gearghty (Saturday BS Porsche), Meg Ellis (Sunday ES Mazda), Bill Nyga (Saturday BSP Corvette), Kenn Nyga (Sunday ESP Pontiac), Fred Pfeiffer (Saturday DM Porsche), Sean Pfeiffer (Sunday DM Porsche) and Jim Shultz (STT BMW),

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Tink Phillips (BP Daytona) 8th, Loper 11th, Steve Wilson (ASP Porsche) 15th, Hotchkiss 17th, Ken Bane (SM Ford) 23rd and Harrison 25th. Sunday local Top 25 drivers included Loper 11th, Phillips 16th, Bane 21st, Bill Nyga 22nd, Harrison 24th and Mark Boggs (ASP Porsche) 25th.

Complete results can be found on-line at www.nationalroadrally.com .


GRABB GRABS SHOOT OUT TITLE � Travis Grabb got hot at the end of the first annual Devil's Duel Shootout between his Capital Area Cobra Club and the Steel Town Corvette Club. The Pittsburgh area Corvette team took the club title, but Grabb, shown celebrating his win with team mates, took the King Of The Hill title home to Clinton, VA.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family update

Well here is what is going on in the Grabb Asylum er I mean household!

Aiden's finger - He ripped the nail off along with the roots of the nail under the skin. He also broke off a piece of the bone. So it was considered an open fracture. Well, they took cultures. Would you believe it grew fungus! So now he has an infected open fracture and has to see an orthopedic for it!

Gunnar, Aiden and Brodie are enrolled in home school soccer through a local program. I will be coaching (yes you are reading that correctly) Brodie's age level. I know many of you are finding this mighty humorous since that I have never shown any interest in any sport let alone learned how to play anything. But, I have begun reading Soccer for Dummies, and All a kid should now about Soccer.

Gunnar and Aiden are enrolled in home school co op classes through our church. They are taking history, sign language and art. I will be helping out in that program as well.

Travis did very well with the race!!! He took 1st place the first day, then the second day held fastest time for a long time. Looking forward to seeing how today goes. If he had the video camera up and running I will try to post a short clip on our homepage. Let you know when and if I can get that up.

Me just staying busy. Cleaning, cooking, feeding, and teaching! That is about it.

The Crazy Grabbs

Friday, August 18, 2006


Today I received a phone call from a heart Mom I met while in Michigan. You could hear the tears in her voice. Well, Yesterday morning her son went to be with the Lord. He too was a fighter. He fought back with not only HLHS, severe bladder infections that led to spinal menigitis that kept him in the hospital most of his short life. He made it home only to pass away in his mothers arms. I am only certain of one thing. God's Love. Even in the midst of our darkest hours God is still wispering his love for us. His willingness to give us strength, all we have to do is turn to him.

Will do another update on the boys and stuff another time. Just doesn't seem right after learning of another little boy in Jesus' arms.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Home Again

We are home now. We arrived back home Friday night. It was a nice vacation but the boys really needed to return to get into a form of structure. They showed me in many ways we can't keep running from the memories of our home. They need to have the structure and routine so they can also begin to heal as well.

Did I make it to the hospital. Yes, I did go. No I did not go to Pod A, nor did I go to Cardiology Clinic and see any of the Doctors. I went in the middle of the night and saw only the floor nurses at night. I was going to go back the next day and see everyone during the day the Pod A, and Doctors but just couldn't go back. It was way to hard.

My sister still has many more tests to go through before they can find any answers please pray that she will have peace until all the information gets in and she can return to the doctor in September. Pray that all the tests and procedures go smoothly with no complications.

Aiden has been our little accident boy lately. He feel swinging from vines in the trees and punctured a hole in his head requiring stitches. Today he ripped the root of his fingernail and nail bed out of his finger. Yes it is painful!
Gunnar and Brodie are both doing well.

I am not going to discuss how we are grieving or healing on this site. That is something we would like to do privately.

Travis is going with his Dad soon on another race with his Cobra. He does auto cross and really enjoys it.

As for Me, I am going to take up a new hobby. I think it is going to be running! I will let you know.

Terri and family

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