Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mixed Feeling and The New Year

As the year 2006 passes on and 2007 enters in I feel mixed emotions, I hate the thought of changing that Calendar over to a new year with the knowledge of knowing that Corbin will never be here this new year, I will never hold him, kiss him, smell that sweet smell of his, feel his arms around my neck in the year of 2007. So as this time approaches it comes with mixed feelings. As it also means one year closer to our Savior coming down from heaven and bringing the new earth and new heaven! One when I will be free from sin and free from these crazy mixed emotions that draw me away from God instead of closer to him.

The year 2006 began with wonder and joy as we watched Corbin grow and gain such amazing strength. He went from not eating and being told that he would take years to gain all that he lost in the hospital to gaining it all back in months. He was eating mostly on his own, walking and climbing as any other 18 month old would do. Just beginning to communicate with us in sign and in some words. As the year went on it became the most difficult year we have ever lived through.

Corbin entered into Jesus arms, not long after my Dad followed Corbin into Heaven’s gates. We have had months of illness here at our home. The three boys have showed the stress of losing their brother and grandfather by becoming ill. We have had all three boys have strep over five times, a tick bite, two boys with stitches, sprained wrist, a closed head injury that landed us in the ER for 12 hours, all three boys once again diagnosed with strep and mononucleosis, and then to end the year all of them contracted the flu virus. Yes, we have made so many Dr visits that it seams very cruel considering we spent the past two years surrounded by Doctors and doing all we could to keep the boys healthy for Corbin’s sake. Now we are surrounded by illness and Doctors once again.

Then to top it off, we get a new puppy. One we have been looking into getting for over a year. The boys were eagerly awaiting the return of Corbin from his final surgery so we could bring a new puppy into our home. So as we recovered we did finally bring the new puppy into our home. Yet, as it would go we would get the puppy that was very sick. She was in our home for only five days before ending up in a puppy hospital with a central line receiving medications for not only severe dehydration and a blood infection but also insulin for diabetes. Yes, our new puppy is diabetic! So after a very scary time and thoughts that the puppy was not going to make it, the puppy spent over a week and a half in the hospital we finally brought her home again. She too has many doctor vet visits and is on special food and medication to maintain her blood sugar! Yes, the year 2006 was not one that brought the easiest of times for our family!

We would not change God’s plan for our family. Even though we miss our sweet Corbin greatly and celebrating Christmas without him was very hard. I was a little sad that no one mentioned sweet Corbin Christmas day, yet he was greatly missed. Yet, we must continue to go forward and trust God’s love for us. This New Year, Corbin and Dad leave us with a gift of new memories. We are taking our family and the Lamons to Disney World. We are using the life insurance money from Corbin and the money from Dad’s estate to give the family time together to heal.

With all our love,
Prayers that the New Year is Gentler to our Family and yours,
The Grabb Family

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family Newletter

Here is a link to our family newsletter!!!! Thanks for checking in on us.

Give you an update on the puppy soon!

Merry Christmas
The Grabb Family

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our new addition

We made it through Thanksgiving. We left just the five of us and went to Williamsburg, VA.

We toured the historic areas and had a good time. The boys loved playing solder and fighting with their muskets.

We are doing a fund raiser for Save A Heart this Saturday at Travis' Car groups Christmas party. Mary Catherine came this past weekend and helped pull me off the couch and dig me out of my funk.

We are awaiting the arrival of our little girl! Yep, we are getting a new puppy! She should arrive Friday. We can't wait to bring her home. She is a havanese.
My wonderful sister is coming to help us get through Christmas. Just knowing she is going to be here is a relief.
Thanks for checking on us.

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