Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Recovery

Brodie is doing much better now that his system has cleaned out the prednisone. He was really sick for some time. He had fevers that would come and go for days. He was placed on three seperate antibiotics over a weeks time because of how many infections hit his little body from no immune system. He has recovered and is back at school this week. Thank you very much!

The other boys are doing great as well as Travis. They had their go cart class and received their license they were so excited. They can't wait to go back for more.

Take Care Everyone,

Also we posted our adoption update on the other website. Please feel free to email me to get that website as it requires an invitation to read.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year, Another ER Visit!!

The Drama of it all! Brodie became sick with his asthma symptoms after Christmas. I was not able to keep him from coughing and breathing well with just the nebulizer and inhaled steroid. So the Doctor prescribed an oral steroid. The next day we saw a huge change in Brodie, he was breathing much better but complaining of stomach pain, mouth pain. The next day was even worse with more drama of behavior as well. Uncontrolled crying and weeping stopped eating and overall just not doing well. By Saturday he was still complaining so I took him to the Dollar theathre to distract him while there he started screaming in pain about head. We could not get him under control so we took him to the ER. We found out that Brodie had been overdosed in prednisone. It has whipped out his immune system and caused thrush, double ear infections and the stomach pain, crawling skin, low pottasium which was causing his heart rate to be to high and beat unevenly, high blood pressure, and severe mood swings. So they flushed his system with IV fluids and took him off the medication, he is now on antibiotics and should get better quickly. Just a little Drama for the New Year.

Hope everyone has a great New Year!

Terri and Crew

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