Wednesday, March 04, 2009


These past few days I have been really missing my sweet Corbin. I have been feeling so overwhelmed with emotion of it all and not sure why. I wake up and see his sweet bear and memory box on the top of our dresser. His sweet picture of me and his brothers and just want to cry for what isnt and what was, wishing to have just one more moment in time with him. You would think this far out those feelings would not be so overwhelming.

The boys did great for the invention fair. Aiden was REALLY sick and was out of it. He ended up with Strep throat as well, but of course things did not go well when he took his medication. He had a terrible allergic reaction and ended up on some serious antihistamines to counter react the reaction so when he had to present his invention he was loopy! Brodie stepped up and spoke for him and they ended up receiving a silver ribbon. Aiden and Brodie invented silverware that told you the temperature of food so you knew when it was safe to take a bite.

Gunnar did great. Him and his friend received a Gold ribbon for their invention. They invented a Game Charging Station and Tracker. I was suprised as both boys are known for being so soft spoken and NEVER speak up. So this was great practice for them to learn that adults are not scary and they can talk to them.

Gunnar is turning 10 on Monday!! Can you believe that? I can't it is hard to believe my oldest is now in the double digets.

Travis is still working hard at finding a new job. So far nada but as we say you only need one so we trust God and know it will be out there.

Take care everyone,

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